Let there be light

A start of a new era, begins with Justice’s Let There Be Light
I’ve felt for some time now I need to make a change in my life. I’ve been complacent for too long. In the past I’ve expressed wanting to change that, but it’s high time I put money where my mouth is, so I’ve decided to start blogging again. I’m counting on you, dear reader, to keep me motivated.
I’m sticking with my dear tungufoss blogspot account. Even though I deleted no longer relevant posts, you can be rest assured I’ll live up to my nickname. I’m currently staying in New York for the summer, and thinking about how I want to achieve my goals, and hence how this blog will evolve. Once I get back to the home front I’m going to have recurring themes, namely
  • Holy’s Film Festival (HFF): focusing on films dear to my heart, e.g. All About EveThe Little Mermaid, etc.
  • Dinner for 2+: making it a reality I use my Villeroy and Boch dinner plate set of 12. A certified home-maker has already shown interest in the project.
  • Matlab and Mendeley (M&M): to give people a hint on what the University is paying me for and why I want to be an academic researcher.
  • Tailor of Garðabær: I have plenty of fabric (mostly silk), patterns and a functional sewing machine, so what’s stopping me? I should own up to my tailor heritage and do something creative that fits me perfectly. Besides, it would make my grandmother exceedingly proud.
I’ve got high ambitions for these categories, and firmly believe I can deliver. I’d also want to incorporate some sort of book club for slow-readers and a fun fitness regime for the lazy with the prerequisite of no balls at high velocity of any kind. I think Jóna might be the answer to my prayers in the book department if I promise her HFF will have some block busters in the mix.
Another ambition of mine is to properly master my Canon Rebel XT. I’ve had it for years, and still opt for the ‘default’ setting. Shameful. I’ve been offered guidance, numerous of times from someone who knows what he’s doing. But still, I haven’t gotten the courage to take him up on it, because I’m afraid I’m just not good enough. I’ll have to teach myself to let go of the idea of “trying is the first step towards failure” and just go for it.

Wish me luck. I’ll need it.



About tungufoss

a PhD student that sews whilst her code compiles...

3 responses to “Let there be light”

  1. Ægir says :

    call me when you get home, and I will be your guide and master in your process mastering your camera

  2. tungufoss says :

    Deal! First thing I'll do after hugging the living daylights out of Tinna. ;-)

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