Sunny Afternoon

This great day has been sponsored The Kink’s Sunny Afternoon

Started out with a video conference with my favorite mother-daughter duo. She’s getting so big. The baby, not the mother. They are the ones I look most forward to reunite with when I get back home. We’ve decided to make a ‘sinful chocolate cake’ for our my first proper dinner party, served in silicon-based teacups. All very exciting and mouth-watering. Should be delicious. The internet was playing tricks on me again, so the talk was short but sweet.

Árni and I have less than a week left in NYC. We started by a little shopping in SoHo’s Uniqlo. Followed by [finally] walking across the Brooklyn bridge. It is magnificent to say the least. It’s a definite must-see for anyone who ever visits NY! I can’t understand why I haven’t been there before. Absolutely beautiful.

Helga and Manhattan Bridge

On the other side, we spent over an hour in a pizzeria that, I kid you not, had no dining customers. How badly run can one restaurant be? You don’t send the chefs off for dinner during rush-our, meaning regular dinner hours. We were not pleased with the exceedingly slow service, so we were quite surprised that when we left, there was almost a km long outside queue for a table. The pizza wasn’t that great. Cheap yes, but worth the wait? Hardly. Mind-boggling.

We walked the Manhattan bridge back, and slowly made our way to Bryant Park for their Summer Film Festival. Tonight’s picture was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We had horrible seats, so we only lasted about an hour. No big deal, I have the DVD back home. It’s optimal for HFF. Before we left, we did experience true comedic gold. There was an American women sitting close by, she asked us “is this supposed to be comedy?” another viewer quickly retorted “yes, it’s British” followed by her saying “ah, that explains it.” It made me laugh. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

Today, I also got it confirmed what the IRS is refunding this fall. Due to tax-laziness of last year I can afford my reckless spending in NY and then some.

Good times!


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4 responses to “Sunny Afternoon”

  1. Birna says :

    Flott artí mynd hjá þér, lítur út eins og þú sért með óendanlega langa fótleggi. Hlökkum til að fá þig heim.Birna og Ása Margrét

  2. tungufoss says :

    Reyndar á Árni og auto-stich forritið hans í Makkanum heiðurinn á þessum Picasso hlutföllum mínum. Ég hef ekki lengst svona mikið á undanförnum vikum, ef eitthvað er þá hef ég skroppið saman. En þá á góða kantinn ;)Hlakka til að koma heim!

  3. María says :

    Flott mynd!Ertu að segja að þessir Ameríkanar hafi ekki verið að fatta húmorinn í Monty Python and the Holy Grail, eina fyndnustu mynd sem gerð hefur verið!!??

  4. tungufoss says :

    Hvad get eg sagt, Kanarnir kunna ekki gott ad meta ;)

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