Strange Reunions

Accompanying song for the lyrics to follow, Yeasayer’s Strange Reunions

Don’t ask me for any favors
And I won’t ask how you do it
Leave me alone now
‘Cause after all now
Dealing with you is a nuisance

My college reunion is nigh. I’ve been going back and forth about going. I’ve finally decided not to go. There is no good reason to go. The only ones I would enjoy reenacting with are those who belonged in my posse during those years (and these years), a.k.a. Hot Soy and Bernie the Beastly. I thereby ask them to deposit the same monetary amount demanded by the Reunion Organizing Committee into my personal account and I’ll buy duty-free alcohol on the way back home and appropriate accompanying refreshments (not only “snaaaaakkkkk”), and we will have our own little private party to look forward to.

Who’s with me?! I know you want to…


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6 responses to “Strange Reunions”

  1. Tinna says :

    Will those refreshments be in the form of DÓRÍDÓS ÍDÝFA???

  2. tungufoss says :

    Well if we could go all out and do a 3-course Mexican inspired meal. Bernie has already offered to be my sous-chef for when I started venturing into cooking. Game?

  3. tungufoss says :

    I take that back. Bernie is not joining us on the 13th, so DÓRÍDÓS ÍDÝFA it is. ;)

  4. Jóna Svandís says :

    Hahaha ég bíð líka spennt eftir baunasalati!

  5. Jóna Svandís says :

    Oh in english… I've been waiting on trying your famous dish with assorted beans!

  6. tungufoss says :

    Hah! Your wish is my command Jóna!

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