The Suburbs

Title track of Arcade Fire’s latest album, The Suburbs


Funeral 2004

I have long been a fan of Arcade Fire. I didn’t really become a fan until their second album came out, Neon Bible, in early spring of 2007. I didn’t care for it much in the beginning. It was an acquired taste for sure. It had a counter-intuitive effect of making me fall in love with their firstborn, Funeral. But with time, Neon Bible, surpassed its predecessor, and is now one of my all time favorite albums. Their songs Ocean of Noise and My Body is a Cage are songs I can listen to again and again and again. The organ. The lyrics. The serene music. It just does something to me. I can’t describe it fully. For a lack of a better word, it’s an instant musical gratification. 

Neon Bible
Neon Bible 2007

I have been eagerly awaiting their latest album, The Suburbs. I got my hands of a copy yesterday, and been listening to it ever since, and probably will be going back to it in the following weeks. I liked their title track immediately. But I am a bit biased, I got a bootleg version of it from NPR a couple of months ago. Not quite sure what I think about their other ones. Past experience has shown it will take a while, years even, to learn to love it. But like all, acquired taste music, it’s the best there is. Here’s hoping, you too, love indie lo-fi as much as I do.

The Suburbs
The Suburbs 2010


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