Not an Addict

Brace yourself with K’s choice Not an Addict

I have been cleaning out my closet these past couple of nights. Been throwing a LOT of stuff away. Mostly too big clothes. Summering in New York came with the added benefit of losing some weight (but very unattractive soles). Nice change from my last stay abroad.

Anyway. After the very drastic cut. My closet was still a bit too small. Sweaters, shirts, tops, trousers and skirts are comfortably tucked away. Allowing easy access. Finally! So far so good. Only the dress department was posing some problems…

I have a quarter of my wardrobe designated for dresses. Except for my 3 floor length gala dresses, they are in storage with the jackets and life size butterfly wings (don’t ask). When I was almost finished with my sorting (or so I thought) I went rummaging through the house in search for excess hangers to ‘borrow’. Then it came back to me, during my last closet cleaning I took out all winter-y dresses and hid them with my winter-y coats/jackets in my spare room. I had forgotten how many they were. A few were not allowed to return, but most of them came crawling back (but this time none of that a bit too tight causing severely reduced oxygen flow sensation). How could it still be that crowded? I couldn’t possibly have that many dresses. Or did I? So my friend dared me to count them. I did. Felt a bit sick in my mouth whilst doing it.

Here are some random statistics

  • 25 sweater jackets: 20% of which black
  • 3 Icelandic sweaters: 1 traditional, 1 dress, 1 extra-long
  • 5 super-thick wollen sweaters: each hot enough to get you through a winter in Antarctica
  • 13 jeans: 3 waist high
  • 4 hot pants: one of which gold, which I have promised NEVER to wear unless I sporting a six-pack. They are my motivation to get fit [some day].
  • 5 mini-skirts: none of which are the popular plain denim one
  • 9 skirts: mix of classic and quirky cuts
  • 4 waist high skirts: 1 leather, 2 denim, 1 blue
  • 10 trousers: one is a really gorgeous pair I’ve had for 2 years but never worn in public. I had been saving them for new-years (or similar), but stupid France made that impossible. Almost made it last new years, but the slight camel-toe made me change my mind. Maybe this year will be their year.
  • 7 lacy-things
  • 15 shirts: 1/3 short-sleeved and 1/5 vintage from my mother
  • 7 simple silk tops to accompany one of the aformentioned [seethrough] shirts
  • 6 corsets (not counting my delicates)
  • 12 fancy tops: either with pearls, sequins and/or made out of silk
  • 8 long-sleeved ‘normal’ things
  • 3 turtlenecks: They would have gotten cut, but stylice promises the will be again fashionable this fall
  • 1 drawer of assortment of neatly folded t-shirts
  • 2 hoodies: believe it or not, I do have them, in case of a rainy day (read: camping trip)
  • 1 set of gym clothes: I’m not a fan of working out so no need for a second pair, yet.

Well, not too bad. Could be worse. My scales are tipped to the dressy side rather than the casual side. Not exactly big news. I do like trying on dressy dresses when I’m at the shops. I justify buying them, even if I won’t wear them that often by buying them on sale. I am an expert of shopping Icelandic sales. At least at my usual suspects. Since I do wear dresses more than your average girl, I sleep okay at night. But I’ve never counted them before. I wouldn’t believe it at first. I counted them 3 times to be absolutely sure I didn’t get confused. These were big numbers I was dealing with. I didn’t. Always got the same scary number. 47. Those are only the ones I keep hanged up.

For some scary statistics:

  • 4 sweater dresses
  • 2 shirt dresses
  • 5 general loose fitted summer dresses
  • 4 floor length gala gowns: one tailor made for me from Shanghai
  • 2 homemade
  • 2 crochet: they need extra sturdy hangers, and will never go with me abroad. They’re heavy bastards.
  • 43 others

Making a total of 62. 62! Of those dreaded 43 I couldn’t be assed to sub categorize, a dozen or so are hand-me-downs from my mother. Hadn’t had a chance to wear most of them yet. And don’t see an opportunity in the foreseeable future. They are a bit too dressy. Only suitable for Christmas, christenings, confirmations and weddings. Another fun fact is, there isn’t a single ‘little black dress’. There are a couple that come close. I guess I’m just really addicted to something that glitters or has an elaborate cut.

I think I don’t need any more clothes for a long period to come. I have a slight problem.

Hi, I’m Helga, and I’m a shopaholic. Very similar to the Kinsella-character, but unlike her, I am not, repeat not, in debt (yet) because of my addiction.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
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9 responses to “Not an Addict”

  1. María says :

    63 KJÓLAR?????63????????????

  2. tungufoss says :

    Ég taldi 62. Réttara sagt taldi ég 4+2+5+4+2+2+43 og gúggel sagði 62.

  3. Árni Heimir says :

    ég er búinn að vera að segja þetta lengi!

  4. tungufoss says :

    Það hlustar enginn á þig, né þitt way of of the showgirls.

  5. neginegi says :

    Holy crap. Holy fucking crap.

  6. tungufoss says :

    I know. But I still feel like I have never anything to wear…

  7. Jóna Svandís says :

    Welcome back:* Einusinni átti ég um 30 nothæf pils… á kannski svona 20 kjóla. Það verður að undirstrika það í sögunni þinni Helga að þessir kjólar eru, eins og þú segir, ekkert endilega mjög hversdagslegir;) Mana þig til að telja skópörin sem þið mæðgur deilið!

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