Hope is the fruitless denial of the more realistic pessimism

The Hopeless mixtape that started it all…

I’m back at my office. Crunching code. For that I need inspirational and upbeat music. It makes me more productive, and away from the fb-devil. My music collection is getting a bit too big to handle, so I usually go for the same ol’, same ol’, e.g. Robyn, Röyksopp, Fever Ray, the Knife, Justice, MGMT, Arcade Fire, etc. Even though I love this music, it gets a bit boring after a while. I immediately know what song comes next. I listen to these artists’ albums a LOT. Especially Röyksopp and the Knife. So I want to mix it up sometime, but with the most minimal amount of effort. I like to hit play, and just focus on my code, while my music cancels out all other environmental stimulus that could distract me.

So what could help me in my predicament, i.e. the lazy music lover? Well, from time to time I visit hypem.  But that is too random for my taste, so before I know it I just spend too much jumping from one potentially interesting song to the next. Defeating the object of finding background music for my coding. Which reminded me of my 8tracks account. It would be the answer to my prayers.

8tracks is a brilliant concept. It’s a site with just mix-tapes. The rules are simple, each mix-tape must have at least 8 songs, and maximum 2 songs of the same album, and maximum 2 songs of the same artists. This ensures that the mixes are varied. Once you got your songs, you pick appropriate title, short description, picture and tags for your mix-tape. I usually find some common denominator for my songs, visit urban dictionary for the description and use some favorite cartoonist, i.e. married to the sea, for the picture. Et voilà tous est prêt !

Besides getting the gratification of making a mix-tape, the real beauty about 8tracks is, once you found a good mix-tape to begin with, it automatically refers you to another similar mix-tape when it’s finished. There is always some randomness to it, so it’s pretty robust and dynamic. There are time it botches up royally. With very hilarious, what-the-deuce, I would never have had put that there. Cultureless pigs! But generally, it works like a charm, and can introduce one to some pretty good unknown talent. I got introduced to Bon Iver this way last summer. Needless to say, I highly recommend using 8tracks, both for plain listening and/or collecting good playlists online that won’t accidentally get deleted or altered at parties. I at least like going back down memory lane and remember what I was listening to religiously back in the day. I wish I had started sooner.

I hope you like my, more than year old now, Hope is the fruitless denial of the more realistic pessimism. I most certainly la-la-love it.


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