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I spent my Sunday watching a god-awful romcom. Feeling disgusted with myself for being such a willing masochist, I decided to do something to make me feel better about myself. I started rummaging through my mini-mountain of outdated or out-sized clothes that didn’t get back into my wardrobe during my recent clothes genocide. I started sorting. Lace, silk and beaded materials in one pile, jersey cotton in another, etc. I remembered I had done this earlier this year, and it dawned upon me that I had an overflowing huge black plastic bag with clothes that had suffered the same fate, pre-New York. It was an insane amount of fabric, not being put to good use. They didn’t deserve this, they’ve only been trying to keep me warm in the cold winters of Garðabær. I would need to give them a second life, somehow.

First a little back story. Each Christmas I give a couple of friends of mine a little special something. One of them has of late, always made me something gorgeous and homemade. Wanting to return the favor, I made a fair effort of sewing her an apron. It was extremely simple design, to say the least. I popped it up with an added border in a contrasting color. And to complete the look, I super-glued matching red bows on one of those yellow washing up gloves. I was well pleased with myself. I made my brother a quasi manly version. It didn’t really work out as well as I hoped. I measured it against myself, and didn’t take into consideration the drastic difference between the male and female anatomy. Basically just need to lengthen the straps to fix that problem. However the apron got lost shortly after Christmas, before I could mend my ways. I guess he wasn’t so pleased with my feminine gift. Hence, no aprons existing in my kitchen.

Now I have learned from my mistakes, and a veteran apron-sewer, I could up my game and make a slightly more complicated version. I found some old black snake-skin print stretch jeans in my magic mountain, and paired off with hot pink lace, I happened to have lying around. I wanted to give the skirt a little flare, and since I was working from a pair of skinny jeans, the choice a pattern consisting of 10 panels, where I’d only use the 5 in front. With slight ingenuity I could make the fabric fit, and best of all reusing the waistband completely, just reversing the front to be in back and adding another buttonhole so it could be fitted for my waist, instead of my hips, since they were lowrise jeans, yet being perfectly still usable without alterations if I have a figurative bun in the oven later on in life (or god forbid live in France again). I made the upper half have a slightly fitted look by adding breast seams, before attaching it to the waistband. Et voilá, a trés chic apron (size M-L) ready for use!

Hot pink and pitch black snake print apron á la Holy

Despite what the picture might look like, the pattern is black snake print, and there are two small pockets in front, for whatever small pockets are used for. The picture also depicts my newly acquired PacMan hothead, for all my extra-hot baking needs. Truth be told, I haven’t yet dared to used it, since the silicon rubber is super thin, so I don’t really believe it can withstand 230°C like its box said. I’ll give it a chance soon…ish.

Fred and Friends Hot Head Pac Man
Supposedly supposed to withstand 230°C (450°F)


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