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I hardly ever go to the theater. I actually need to think about it for some time what play (that’s not a school play) I saw last in Iceland or more shockingly how many years ago it was. I think the last one I saw, prior to last night, was a surreal play by Hugleikur Dagsson called Leg (e. Uterus). I remember I went to it with my fellow board members of Stigull, association of Maths and Physics students at Uni. of Iceland, immediately after a Science trip to Landsbankinn. Being tipsy, made the show highly enjoyable.

Before that I can recall a fairly mediocre rendition of the rock musical ‘Hair’ at Austurbæjarbíó in 2004. I wasn’t impressed. Before that I believe it was Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ sometime during my late teens ( says 2001). Then there was the advanced Icelandic group trip to Fulla vasa af grjóti (e. Rocks in his pocket). But most memorable play I have seen was one of my first proper adult shows, Bláa herbergið (e. The Blue Room) at Borgarleikhúsið when I turned fourteen. The actors were scarcely fully dressed, making my stepmother pretty anxious for having brought children to this sort of show. I felt very grown up having seen that.


I love going to the theater. It’s a special occasion. You get to go all dolled up, and see something remarkable for 3 hours. So why don’t I go more often? I’ve been wanting to see what all the fuzz was about Vesturport’s rendition of Romeo & Julia for quite some time now. They’ve won an ample amount of awards for it. So it must be good. I’ve had 4 gift certificates to Borgarleikhúsið for a shockingly long time. Couple of them being a going-away present from my supervisors at my summer internship at Landsbankinn 2007 and the other two belonging to an ex. Since he never claimed them, and more than 2 months (actually 2*22 months) I believe they are rightfully and lawfully mine. A compensation well deserved. Actually, my latest ex had promised to take me to one of Vesturport’s plays during our courting. I have proper business letters supporting that promise. In fact it was the whole reason why he wanted to go out with me in the first place. Apparently you’re not allowed to go to plays with your friends, you need a proper escort. A date. I held my end of the bargain. He did not. So no play for me.

However I will not let my situation in life, i.e. being a hopeless spinster, keep me in my limited socially acceptable box. So turning that around I invited my brother to join me for Vestuport’s last showcase of Romeo & Julia. I happened to get amazing seats. Actually on the stage. We went last night. It was absolutely breathtaking! It was both heartfelt and fun. And most importantly made me want to go to the theater more often. I shouldn’t just allow myself to go to the theater just because I’m on holiday near Broadway or West-End. And since it’s an exceptionally opportune time to get a newfound love for the arts, I’m going for it. I’m buying subscription tickets to both of the playhouses in Reykjavík, since they’re both offering tickets for young adults at a significantly reduced price (only 5.900 ISK) if bought in multiples of four.

Hence, I am advertising for companionship to both Þjóðleikhúsið and Borgarleikhúsið for the upcoming season. The shows I have taken special interest of seeing are:



IM-me if you’re interested in being my playmate. I’ll book my tickets at the end of the week.


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4 responses to “Playhouses”

  1. neginegi says :

    If I was in Iceland I'd so go with you. I've been having the same thought, that I should go more often to the theater. Every year I check if someone in Frenchland is putting "Huis Clos" on, and every year I'm disappointed. Still, wanna go at Christmas?

  2. Jóna Svandís says :

    Ég panta þjóðleikhúsið!!!

  3. tungufoss says :

    @Jóna: Dídl!@Gunni: Lér konungur verður frumsýndur 28. desember. Það gæti gengið, en er tæpt.Í Borgarleikhúsinu aftur á móti, er nóg af taka. Bæði er verið að sýna Fjölskylduna aftur, og Enron í sínum lokamánuði. Tékkaðu át dagskránna. Veldu það sem þér þykir vænlegast til vinnings. Ég skal svo bóka miða fyrir okkur.

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