Best celebrated with a Birthday inspired mixtape

I have the best group of friends a girl could possibly ever dream of. I have had the good fortune to have most of them around for all of my girlfriend needs, save one. My dearest Tinna (a.k.a Stylice or Tiny for short), moved away from our fair little island a couple of years ago. She left us to pursue an education in marketing at a graduate level in Aarhus, Denmark. My little group, affectionally called Heit Soja (loosely translated to Hot Soy, but loses its acronym origin, for being the first 2 letters of our first names, jumbled together) was very stressed that she’d not return to us once her degree was attained. Our suspicions, were well founded. Before long she had found a statistically significant other, and has made official statements, she is not, repeat not, returning to us anytime soon. She’s putting down roots in Aarhus, to be with her love (and paying off her student loans in more convenient currency). Much to Jóna and I’s dismay.

Not enjoying my darling Tiny’s company as much as I’d like, I have finally been convinced (without much persuasion) of visiting her this November. Hence, keeping my promise, written down explicitly in my last year’s Christmas card to Tiny, of visiting her in Aarhus before the end of next year. Not only is it just after a hurdle of meeting deadlines in my PhD requiring some much needed R&R, it’s also during her quarter-century birthday! Making me the world’s greatest human birthday present (her words, not mine). I guess I just put the bar a bit higher for her boyfriend in impressing her on Armistice day.

So Tinna my dear, if you’re reading this, sorry I spoiled my birthday present to you this year. And oh, can you accommodate me from 9th through 14th of November, of this year? Don’t believe me? Check my Dopplr!


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2 responses to “Birthday”

  1. Tinna says :

    Eeeelskan, þú ert best og ég hlakka svo mikið til að fá mér. Að sjálfsögðu velkomin að kúra í mínu rúmi!!! :)

  2. tungufoss says :

    Jeij! Ég elska Tinnu-kúr mest af öllu! Get ekki beðið! Takk fyrir að reka eftir mér að koma ;)*Sólheimaglott*

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