I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)

Best served with Four Tops fun-filled sing-along classic I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)

I finally did it! I invited my friends over for dinner! And did the majority of the cooking. Or at least was an active participant in the whole dinner making process.

I invited Birna, Salvör and Jóna. But due to prior engagements Jóna could not join us. Instead the other other members of my household got her spot.

Setting the table with roses and “ironworkers”

The dinner was last Saturday night. It was a 3-course meal. Starting with oven baked baguettes, smeared with honey and each being a foundation of a beautiful slice of super soft Camembert cheese. Melts in your mouth, piece of heaven! The idea come from my good friend Gunni from when he made me dinner whilst I was visiting him in Grenoble during Easter 2009. I ate the baguette almost on my own, and ever since been dreaming of its deliciousness. I was not disappointed. Although I dropped the optional parma ham since it was bit too expensive at the grocery store I went to, I also justified it by not remember it in my Camembert/baguette fantasy.

Hors d’oeuvre á la Gunni

For the main course I offered a vegetarian dish: risotto with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. With a side salad of course. Although it might not sound exciting, it was very tasty, and got completely devoured during the course of the evening. So I guess that means I managed quite well on that one, despite almost burning the Arborio rice in the beginning. My motivation for the risotto course was because a year ago I had been invited to a Statisticians and friends dinner party. I oversaw a lemon risotto for that event, meaning, I bought the ingredients and read out loud to my aunt Gurrý what was supposed to do next while she did her magic. I did however grate the Parmesan cheese myself.


For le pièce de résistance a.k.a. the desert I (and my handmaidens) made litla syndin ljúfa (e. the little lovely sin). A 70% dark chocolate, egg and powdered sugar concoction. Served with vanilla you got an instant hit of a weeks worth of endorphins.

Sinful dessert and some vanilla

Although a bit drowsy, I was very happy and most of all proud of the results.

Holy hostess

Regarding future events, I’m thinking about combining HFF and KeepCalmCupcakes with a Japanese theme: Sushi and Memoirs of a Geisha. Birna will have to say when, since I’m nothing without my mentor.


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3 responses to “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Fyrsta myndin er eitthvað bjöguð, en þú stóðst þig með prýði og takk kærlega fyrir mig!Er til í sushi og hvítvín nánast anytime (þegar húsbandið þarf ekki útivistarleyfi) ;)Kv. Bernie

  2. Jóna Svandís says :

    Næs… takk fyrir boðið og leiðinlegt að ég komst ekki… Frábært hvað þú stóðst þig vel elskan mín og ég er meira en til í að gefa sushi aðra tilraun yfir spennandi mynd sem ég hef ekki séð:)

  3. tungufoss says :

    Þú þarft eiginlega að skoða fyrstu myndina á flickr til að fatta hvað er í gangi (nægir að smella og þú ert áframsend á réttan stað). Þannig er mál í vexti að Árni heldur mikið upp á þetta iPhotostich forrit sitt, og þetta var eina útgáfan sem ég fékk af uppdúkaða borðinu.Eigum við að stefna á sushi/hvítvín næstu helgi? eða þarnæstu? Ég er geim í hvort sem er.

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