Happiness is a HOT Gun

Best served with the Beatles classic Happiness is a Warm Gun

When it comes to shopping, I’m renowned for delaying gratification and then go all in for when there is a bargain to be had. I know the sales at my favorite shops all to well, resulting in a staggering amount of dresses in my closet and other niceties. This knack of mine of being thrifty is not limited to clothing. Oh no. Not by a long shot. I just happens to be that they are at a well defined times, the high season being immediately after Christmas and pushing into middle of February and again at late June and finishing off during Merchants’ Weekend in August, so these sales are my specialty.

However I have gotten extremely lucky in Home Decor of late. This spring I got stocked up with a lot of essential useless stuff, e.g. I got six white ceramic things to elevate cutlery for the dining table (I used them for the first time at the first Keep Calm Cupcakes). There are also some napkin rings/small vases I got for a bargain. Mostly just little stuff that are cheap, trivial and fun… just like me! Kidding, as this post  obviously shows, I am not low maintenance.

A few months ago, I graduated with a MSc degree in Computational Engineering. I made a wishlist on fb for what I wanted for graduation presents, a lot of Philippe Starck designer stuff of the practical kind. The list kind of grew out of proportion and I gathered all of the interesting stuff I had seen in glossy magazines and thought to myself “When I grow up I want that in my living room”. The list can be briefly summarized in wanting a lot of stand alone designer chair, mostly by Nordic designers, and designer lamps for FLOS.

Since these things are designer stuff, IKEA prices do not apply. So the checkbook hardly ever allows such extravagance, not on my stipend at least. However, due to some slight misunderstanding with my taxes last year, I over-payed a lot of taxes, since I forgot to hand in my tax-card to the University after my summer internship at the bank. Hence, resulting into a very fair tax rebate August last.

Needless to say, I decided to not to spent the whole amount on useless spending on myself. I’m trying to be a tad frugal in order to move out, hopefully by the end of the year (or early next year). Yes, I’m postponing the inevitable again! However, not always wanting to delay gratification, since I have still not bought myself a graduation present for college, which was five years ago, I took the opportunity when I saw a designer lights specialty store offering reduced prices on most of their stock. I called them up, and found out that one of my wishlist items were indeed on sale, and in stock. Fate, to be sure! After a little soul search, I came to the conclusion, that after a long tiresome fouling fiasco of a thesis subject, and still getting top marks for it, I most certainly deserved this for being such a good girl. So now, with the help of the Icelandic Government acting as my commercial bank (note to self: go to the other commercial banks for my savings, they offer better interest rates) I am a proud owner of a M16 rifle, dated 2005.

Inspirational: A gift from Saddam

This will be my first official gun. No plastics, only die cast aluminum with injection-molded polymer overprint and 18 carat gold-plated finish. Philippe Starck’s inspiration came from media images from Saddam Hussein’s gold plated gun, recovered when America and its allies attacked Iraq. The gold leaf coat is to allude to the military-industrial complex, i.e. the money driven part of war, and the M16 symbolized the responsibility of United States for the havoc they created in 3rd World Countries. The shade is matte black plasticized paper diffuser which signifies death, with silk-screen gold printing inside of small, smoked crosses, representing a miniature graveyard that remind users that the next passing could be their own.

Size: H 169.4 cm, Shade H 42.5 cm, Shade Dia 56 cm, Base Dia 43 cm.

FLOS will donate 20 percent of the gross sales from the Guns Collection to the Frères des Hommes Europe Association, an organisation that works for the growth of local communities and their social structure in under developed countries of the world. So I have done my good deeds of the day for the whole year.

Price: Undisclosed. But I’ll have you know, that after doing a price comparison online, it is evident the store bought it a currency rate well before the recession. Which would also, explain all the smudge and the fact the safety needed to be replaced before I bought it. At least one thing is certain, happiness is most certainly a hot gun.

P.S. On the lamp’s base the title of this post is engraved, in homage to the Beatles great classic. And I hope you have mastered the art of pressing play on my little javascript object in the beginning of each post. It’s my passive way of influencing my musical taste to others.


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7 responses to “Happiness is a HOT Gun”

  1. neginegi says :

    *googles Philippe Starck, checks price tag*OH MY PHYSICAL LAWS!

  2. tungufoss says :

    You weren't supposed to do that!But I know, it's a bit sickening to check the price tags online. That's why I decided to buy the lamp now, since it was apparently bought on a very good ISK currency rate. We're talking it's probably of the Útrásar-era 2006-7.

  3. neginegi says :

    Now that I've gotten over the initial price shock, I'm more surprised at the what the lamp stands for politically. I wouldn't have taken you for someone who cares what the U.S. does to jiggaboos overseas (partly because it's never come up in our discussions, and partly because, you know, you live in Garðabær).

  4. tungufoss says :

    Hahah! I'm more than meets the eye. I don't only gossip and what's happening in True Blood.I don't generally talk about politics, true. I used to when I was a ignorant libertarian. I now know the error of my ways and made some slight changes in my political views. But I prefer to shut up and just listen to other people's nonsense. I'm more of a passive activist, e.g. buying a lamp for something I stand for (and mostly for it being plated in 18K gold).What's so wrong about Garðabær anyway? Besides our uncanny ways of getting rid of the lesser fortunate ones, i.e. poor, over to Hafnarfjörður city.

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