The Cave

Best read with Mumford & Sons’ The Cave

I’m in love with folklore these days. I have made a headband with cross-stitched roses and now I am letting a long-lived dream come true, sewing an elaborate shirt that has billowing sleeves, pleats, inseams (both front and back), 21 buttons and a sort of necklace.

I have taken up the pattern. Haven’t cut the fabric yet, since I want to check if I can buy the pleats (almost 8m worth) ready-made or get them done by machine, since otherwise I would spend a lot of time marking and ironing each 5mm fold.

I’m working under the guidance of my elderly grandmother. I sew, she dictates. So far so good. I usually go to her house every Sunday, so maybe with luck, I can start wearing my new shirt around the time Airwaves commence.

In case you’re wondering, I have not forgotten my cross-stitching side-project of a My Little Pony carrying two semi-automatics. Its current progress is depicted below.

Cross-stitching: Work in Progress

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  1. tungufoss says :

    Check my Flickr for more recently uploaded sew-simple pics.

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