Undone (The Sweater Song)

Best read with Weezer’s Undone (The Sweater Song)

My pony adventure is well on its way, estimated finishing time is in a couple of days. Hence, I am searching for patterns for my next sewing project. I’ve decided to give cross-stitching a little rest, but sticking to needlepoint nonetheless, hence taking up knitting again.

Apparently when I was 10 years old, I was very prolific in knitting. I knitted a small penguin, dressed in two-toned cap and scarf. Pretty basic, but then I also did I pastel colored baby hat in at least 5 distinct colors, with little ear protectors and a simple cable to tie it in place. My grandmother and aunt still talk about that hat. It showed true potential. Unfortunately, my fascination on knitting was short lived. Something else came along, which was more interesting to occupy my time. I’m guessing a new Barbie doll or Pocahontas on VHS.

So I know I can knit, I just can’t do the casting myself. I will therefore ask someone older, wiser and female to be on standby for when I start. But what should I make? I have checked out a couple of sites that are supposed to be a infinite treasure chest. So far, nothing I feel I must make.

I don’t want to make gloves, socks or scarfs. I think the first two are too complicated with respect to their size and the I have plenty of scarfs, so I don’t need any more. I’m trying to be practical for a change. I do however not have enough sweaters. I have plenty super-thick home-made sweaters that would get me through a potential ice age, but none of those light-weight sweaters for daily wear inside a properly furnaced house. I therefore stopped checking for something on those tacky grandmother-y patterns and looked at W/A ready-wear on some of my favorite super designers, I would never be willing to pay full price for. I stumbled on something truly amazing, yet simple. Something I would be proud to wear. This is it:

Turtleneck pullover in open worked alpaca by Chanel

If you look closely (or at the bigger resolution at the actual Chanel site) you can see that the sleeves have a crochet finish. So with this simple project, I can both master knitting two different yarn types together and learn to crochet (I will probably just watch over my mother’s shoulder whilst she tries to teach me).

For the underlying pattern instructions I am thinking about using is this (only pic). Best of all it’s free and semi-similar. Any suggestions on what would work better, are deeply appreciated. Birna, I’m looking at you!

Once I have become the master of knitting regular knit stitch and purl stitch I will venture boldly, where I have never gone before, cable stitch. There I will start off slowly, making a slouchy beret that will not give me a splitting headache because it’s just a bit too tight or god-forbid mess my hairdo. It’s hard to be literally big-headed.

16 Sixteen Cable Hat by Circé Belles Boucles

Or maybe I’ll just do something completely random, like an octopus…

Octopussy by Hansi Singh

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5 responses to “Undone (The Sweater Song)”

  1. huerto improvisado says :

    Your blog is very interesting, good job, and very nice pictures. I´ll follow your blog frecuently.Big hugs from Spain

  2. tungufoss says :

    Oh, wow! Now I don't feel as pretentious for having my blog in English, since not all of its readers are Icelandic-speaking! :)Thanks for the kind words! I wish I could read your blog in return, but yo no hablo español. Your pictures are gorgeous though.

  3. stylice says :

    http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/indigo-banded-cardigan This one would be SUPER pretty if it was a tad longer… but that shouldn't be a problem :)

  4. tungufoss says :

    According to Elle magazine this fall trend is cable-knitted grandmother sweaters. So I have been checking browsing online for some hot new additions for my wardrobe for the cool winter ahead.

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