Come Sail Away

Best brace yourself with synthesized Styx rock classic Come Sail Away

I am continuing to work on my compulsive hoarding. I am a master in rationalizing why not to throw something away. I am not the only one in my family who does this. Admittedly I am the most forgone. My mother is no better than I in some respects. However, I have benefited greatly with her best of 80s and 90s collection. So it’s not all bad, this affliction, it just takes gigantic amount of space.

Currently, we are only three people living at my house. Each has its own room. I keep an extra room for the huge amounts of stuff I have accumulated in recent years for when I move into a place of my own… and my bed occupies little over 4 m² so I need the extra space. In my defense, I do however keep some stuff there that aren’t only mine. I keep there the family’s Christmas ornaments, photos, and most of my mother’s stilettos. But that is also partly due to the fact we share most of our shoes (among other things). This room’s organization is continuously in progress, and is in fairly good shape considering the varied stuff that get thrown in there. There seem to be an unwritten policy of when in doubt, toss it in my extra-room. At least there it will be sorted.

There is also an extra room with no name on it. I prefer to call it the infinite abyss. Stuff there, hardly ever get out. I remember when this room was last empty, 5 years ago. It keeps all of my brother’s unsorted books. If I have a clothes addiction, then he most certainly has (or at least had) a book addiction. There are stack upon stacks of English literature, with assortments of Icelandic 70s pulp fiction. The room also keeps a ridiculous amount of oil paintings and wine. I have encouraged my mother to reuse her canvases, not for frugal reasons, but mostly because of the amount of space her canvases already occupy the house, and I am then only referring to the ones not on the walls. She has still not take heed to my warnings.

Nobody likes to take responsibility for this room. Nevertheless, upon the drawing board is to demolish this room in order to open up the space between the kitchen and living room. So my big question is, what is to be done with the stuff inside? I have sporadically taken it upon myself to try to organize bits an pieces in there. I believe it’s random strikes of massive masochism on my part. But somebody has to do it. Also, since I hardly ever cook and ain’t the main bread-provider I guess it’s my place to do this particular thing no one wants to do. That, and I am the best suited, with my slight OCD affliction.

Just now, I have gone through a stack of paper randomly thrown together in a shoe box (Friis Company boots). Amongst the outdated papers I found essays I had written in college. Why did I want to keep them? To know that I could once upon a time write formal, non-technical papers properly? For a split second I was almost not going to throw them away. My rational self had to take over and say enough is enough. I will never read them, and most certainly no one would waste their time in reading this crap. They belonged in the trash. I would however, give them a proper send-off by giving them one last quick read and posting of their existence. Their names were:

  • Fartölvunotkun og námsárangur (e. Laptop use and learning achievements). Written in fall of 2003. Grade 7.5.
  • Hitler & Stalín: Höfuðandstæðingar (e. Hitler & Stalin: Main opponents). Written in spring of 2004. Grade 9+.
  • Innri og ytri fegurð (e. Inner and outer beauty). I guess it’s written in spring of 200.5. Grade 8.5. My teachers incidentally remarks the essay is beautifully presented.
  • Freistingar í aldingarði (e. Temptation in the garden of Eden). Written in fall of 2004. Grade 8.5. My teacher remarks, almost excellent. I found that pretty funny.

I save the best for last, and my earliest and best work

  • Einkavæðing Ríkissjónvarpsins (e. Privatization of Ríkissjónvarpið). Written in spring 2002. Grade a surprising 9.0. I quote legislations and have the most awesome front page. It’s very apparent that I had mastered the frame-feature in Microsoft Word by that time.

I remember getting so much heat for that last one. Why would a 16 year old girl write about the privatization of the state-run television station in Iceland? Well, it was relatively simple really. I had the hots for a guy who had great interest in this matter, and this was my excuse to get some personal advice. Pretty basic.


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2 responses to “Come Sail Away”

  1. tungufoss says :

    Truth be told, I haven't physically put that last essay in the trash. It lies gently next to the bin, in case I change me mind and rescue it.

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