I Want You Back

Best admired with Michael Jackson’s remixed version of I Want You Back

Lace Waistcoat, originally uploaded by tungufoss.

I don’t generally wear waistcoats, but I have a couple. My oldest one is now 5 years old, from Zara. Naturally I have matching dress pants go with it. However, a couple of years ago I got a snazzier and better fitted waistcoat from Kate Moss for Top Shop that I have opted for instead of my old one. So when it came to my last clothes cleaning it got tossed onto the heap.

I was sorting through my materials the other day, and came across a lacy top I had worn 5+ years ago. I could technically still wear it, it was just a very awkward piece of clothing to get into and out off. So it was disheartening to throw it away since lace is very á la mode these days.

My little mind has since then found out a suitable way to rescue it. Et voilá! My answer was to remove the back lining of the vest and put instead the lace from the top. It didn’t take too long to make. Little under one viewing of Romeo+Juliet (influenced by seeing the play recently preformed by Vesturport), yet still paying close attention to the romantic scenes and zig-zagging away during the fighting.

This little inspiration didn’t come out of the blue. I bought a couple of light cardigans this summer whilst I was in NYC that only had lace in the back. I thought it was pretty different, hence my cup of tea. I had also seen a version of a lacy vest from Bruuns Bazaar, Copenhagen but found too expensive, especially since I don’t generally wear waistcoats. Maybe now, that will change.

This is the result, check my flickr account for better front and back views. Hope you like it!


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