Come On Christmas

Best read with MGMT’s Christmas carol Come On Christmas

Draped Jersey Dress, originally uploaded by Karen Millen.

I know I made some big claims in getting my clothes addiction in order, and stop shopping… I have failed. I got tricked by the shopkeepers innovative ways to get customers spend their money on trivial merchandise. Last night was a special open till midnight sale at my local shopping center. I was just going in for a quick peek, went there little over 10pm, and it was jam packed by only women and teenagers. It felt like the Christmas rush on Þorláksmessa (Icelandic equivalent of Christmas Eve, we like to celebrate Christmas a day before the rest of the world). I didn’t actually go into my that many shops, just my usual suspects. Listed below in a) geographic and b) preference order of the stores:

  • Karen Millen
  • DAY Birger et Mikkelsen
  • Top Shop
  • AllSaints Spitalfields

I seriously tried to refrain, my bills this months are a bit high due to the M-16 riffle, and such and such. Nonetheless I left the mall with a new additions to jimmy into my wardrobe.

My most expensive item was this gorgeous draped jersey (í. jessí) dress by KM (depicted above). Then I got a couple inexpensive floor length jersey cotton dresses from WAREHOUSE, perfect for summer. Super comfy and chic. One will be used solely for sleeping and the other for lounging around at home, or in warmer climates. Then there was this practical accessory, brown silver-studded waist-belt from KM.

To make up for my guilt of buying more clothes, instead of making my own, I bought the latest Burda Style and Burda Easy Fashion to inspire me for more DIY.

All in all, feeling torn. Crying on the inside for being submissive to my addiction, yet overjoyed with my new fashion fix.


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