Safety Dance

I have had an ongoing project (see previous post Come Sail Away) of de-cluttering my life (movie reference: Confessions of a Shopaholic). When I feel motivated I face my fears and go to my extra room and start sorting out what should stay and what should go. I have been making slow progress. Besides storing Christmas ornaments and all of my kitchen utensils for once I eventually move out of childhood home, it also stores all of my short jackets (longer ones are kept in the foyer) and dress shoes. I kept the stilettos and such in a big bookcase, but was never fully satisfied. They tended to get cluttered and hard to spot in a heartbeat, since I am sharing my shoes with my almost-same-shoesized mother. So I have been wanting to find a better solution, so during one of my weekly victory laps in IKEA, it came to me. I would need a proper closet for my shoes.

Hence, last Monday night, I just went for it. I bought one 1m wide, 2.36m high and .58m deep closet in oak (same model as my bedroom closet). I put in a shoe rack for flats in the bottom, and a rail in the top, to hang my boot-hangers, so now all of my pretty little boots stand upright and are properly cared for. Not slouching because of mean ol’ gravity. In between I intend to have 3 drawers that I can place my stilettos and pumps so that they can be easily accessed and not forgotten by being hidden in old shoeboxes, like is the situation is now. Unfortunately, the drawers are currently sold-out, but they IKEA sales people assured me that they would come back very-very soon and I would get a text message for once they are back. That’s why I am not posting a picture of the closet just yet, since it’s only half finished.

However this little treasure chest/closet did come at price! Although the materials were relatively cheap, the assembly process did not. First little hiccup was that my precious 4-wheeled Litli ljótur (e. Little Ugly) was 5cm too short for transporting the 2.36 tall closet, but my mother’s boyfriend sorted that out. During the unexpected wait, I am fairly certain that I was on the beginning stages of getting a frostbite on my fingers. So far, not-so-bad. Then I opened the package and started working out the instructions. I must admit that I read one picture too early, that was NOT a good move. Because once I tried lifting it from horizontal position to vertical, the upper wooden shelf-thingy came rushing down (again MEAN old gravity) and got detached from the wooden side-thingy so silly me tried to catch it, but somehow managed to get my pinkie caught in between. Almost severing my finger, I managed to destroy all of the upper fastenings on the left side. Yay! I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming, being an certified ENGINEER! Well, in all fairness my degree is a borderline engineering in computation, not the usually associated civil/mechanical. Anyway, trying to right the wrongs I just did, I used tree-glue to fix the fastenings, and resorted to call my dad for help. In order for him to help his daughter-in-distress I needed to set up his scanner/printer (again!). The closet eventually came together, and as of this date has not come asunder yet.

My pinkie is constantly aching. Since I keep away from all sports, and physical labor, I am not accustomed to physical pain of this sort. With the exception of severing the “growing line” in my thumb when I was six, and the horrendous and infectious knee wound from two Christmases ago, due to lack of stiletto use under the influence.

I am coping, but bear with me if I complain, for I am admittedly a wuss with a low pain-threshold.


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