Big in Japan

Best way to get you into the right mood for turning Japanesewith is the mixtape Big in Japan

After much wait, here comes the latest addition to Keep Calm Cupcakes dinner-series. This time the theme was Turning Japanese, i.e. sushi-making.

The reason for the delay, had to do with contradicting schedules during the weekends. Finally, the solution was relatively simple, have the dinner party on a Thursday.

The sushi-making started promptly 8pm and quite surprisingly only took 2 hours. My last (and first) sushi-making session took way longer. So we’re making progress. The short two hours even incorporated youtube-searching for proper ways to roll, that we eventually couldn’t be assed to watch to the end; there were a lot of awkward big-breasted women doing strange things to the sushi-rolls (don’t let your dirty mind wander in thinking I referring to something sexual). However for my next sushi-adventure, I really would like to try out one of those fast-food friendly hand-held temakizushi.

We were a little under-equipped for making sushi. We didn’t have the proper rice-bowl made out of wood, just a plain plastic one. That is probably the most likely reason why our rice wasn’t as stick-free as they were supposed to. Other possible explanations are:

  • We had a sneak peek under the lid whilst the rice was boiling, even though the directions clearly stipulated NO PEEKING in caps;
  • We only had half of the amount of vinegar needed for the amount of rice used.
  • Our clock magically went faster during the time the rice was supposed to sit and dry.
  • We blew ourselves a hand-few of times on the rice, instead using an electric fan for 5-6 minutes.

Oh well, this was the recipe for perfect sushi (guideline recipe can be found here). Our almost-perfect sushi tasted scrumdiddlyumptious all the same. So no harm, no foul.

As it turned out, we made way too many maki-rolls. So only half of the makis are depicted on flickr. Hence, there was plenty for everyone to take back home. Mine were eaten immediately for returning home around midnight. Apparently my little baby brother, hadn’t had any dinner yet, so sushi-chef Helga came to the rescue.

Jóna lit candles in the living room for a romantic atmosphere for us girls. Perhaps she had ulterior motives for wanting to have dimmed lights, e.g. so she could easily stow away her sushi bites in case she didn’t care for its taste. Before this night, Jóna was relatively a sushi-virgin. Now that cherry is popped, and no turning back! I am fairly certain that she will be surprising her beloved on their next anniversary with nyotaimori, i.e. lying in the nude covered in sushi popularized by Samantha in Sex and the City movie.

Summary, originally uploaded by tungufoss.

I only enclose the summary picture, but refer the avid reader to my flickr site for further detail; check the set  Keep Calm and have a Cupcake. The numbers indicate:

  1. Main course: Tuna, salmon, cucumber, avocado and/or carrots rolled in nori, where some were garnished with sesame seeds. Served with wasabi-infused soy sauce and white wine.
  2. Dessert: Sushi-inspired cream cheese and shredded coconut rolls with kiwi and mango (guideline recipe from Cake Batter & Bowl).

I recommend that for anyone that wants to try out sushi-making for themselves, to just go for it. It’s relatively easy-peasy, I can do it, enough said. But just be patient, since it’s a relatively time consuming process and a lot going on. Luckily, if hunger strikes you, it’s very easy to steal bites from time to time, since there will be a lot of salmon/tuna/vegetables left over.


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