Walking in My Shoes

Best admired with Depeche Mode’s Walking in My Shoes

Shoemania, originally uploaded by tungufoss.

I must admit I have slight shoe addiction.

When I see a pretty pair of stilettos or pumps, it’s hard to resist. Unfortunately, my beloveds aren’t worn as much as I’d like. Iceland is not suede or open-toe friendly for it precipitates almost everyday, at least to some degree. Thus one must come prepared with practical all-round shoes at all times you wear pretty precious. Or be ready to pay the price! However this require big bags, that might destroy the over-all outfit.

Note to self: Remember to buy pretty yet big bags when I’m next abroad, i.e. Arhus or Seattle. 

Besides unreliable weather, Iceland is infamous for being pushy. For the well-being of gorgeous and therefore delicate shoes, never wear them downtown. For when it gets crowded, it’s a death sentence. Why Icelanders have no qualms of stepping on other people’s toes downtown, is beyond me. Idiots (present company excluded). The survival of the flottest (e. most chic) is an urban myth, unfortunately.

Not being known for practicality in fashion, I have way more shoes than I should. I used to store them in their original shoeboxes. That was turning out to be a bin-packing (reference to my current research project) problem going out of hand. Too much space wasted, and time consumed looking for the right box. Being a newly certified engineer, I needed to come up with a solution that actually works well. After much thought, it came to me: a specially dedicated closet just for shoes.

I went through most of the building the shoe-closet process in an earlier post, called Safety Dance (named after my lack of woodworking skills). For those who can’t remember or can’t bother to go back in the sharing machine (aka archive or clicking accompanying link) here’s a quick recap: All the components came from the frugal student’s best friend, IKEA. Including the boot hangers (see flickr). I almost severed my pinkie during this little mission. It’s almost healed now, a week later. But all is good that ends well. Just look at the pretty photo!

Boys can mock all they want, but I know all my fellow shoe addicts (read: girls) are secretly jealous of my new setup. Girlie genius at its best!


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One response to “Walking in My Shoes”

  1. tungufoss says :

    FYI There is room for expansion in this model. The drawers can be moved slightly more up, to fit in one more and still maintain easy access. I did the math, in case I lose myself shoe-shopping in Seattle like I did in NYC.

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