Safety Dance (covered by Bloodgroup)

After reading this post you should take a look at live youtube video of Bloodgroup performing Men Without Hats’ Safety Dance

During Iceland Airwaves this year, I had a semi-religious experience.

As you might know, I have a borderline obsession for cover songs, 80s pop and Scandinavian electronica. Seldom do these three genres come together. However, much to my surprise, one Friday night in October at a little venue called Nasa, it did. The brilliant band in question was none other than Egilsstaðir’s own Bloodgroup.

Incidentally these last few days they have been having a #twitter competition; tweet something nice and you get a chance of winning an autographed vinyl of their latest album, Dry Land. Simple enough. I had a handful of tweets (see below), posing questions if there are any bootleg copies available from my religious experience at Airwaves (turns out there are, cf. youtube video above). Even resorting to statistics to prove my devotion; according to my account two of my top10 most played overall tracks (since 2006) are of Dry Land (you can double-check the source here):

I must admit, I had a very hard time of finding these two beloved songs. I heard them on the radio again and again, but the stupid radio talk show host would never do me the honors of saying the name of the track or band playing. Resorting to my analog-ways of finding tracks online, I had to take bits and pieces of the lyrics I could remember and hope Google could work its wonders. It didn’t. Month passed, and finally my usual radio station placed this song on their top10 weekly list. Then it dawned on me, it was in fact an Icelandic band I was searching for (no wonder I couldn’t google it). None other than the shake-those-hips-again Bloodgroup members from the East. Not exactly a fan of their debut album, Sticky Situation. Few good tracks, but not in my regular circulation. I realize now that they were a kind of diamond in the rough then. But with their second album they had polished their style and this sweet melodramatic electronica emerged. Well worth a listen! (hint-hint-nudge-nudge get your hands on their album, e.g. gogoyoko). Dry Land is and The Knife’s opera collaboration Tomorrow in a Year are neck and neck my favorite album of the year. Technically Dry Land is released in December 2009, so they  could both be my favorite albums of the year 2009 and 2010, respectively. But that’s a bit unjust since I wasn’t aware of either until spring 2010.

Overjoyed of finally finding what I was looking for. My two ultimate favorite songs of the album got in my playlist Rólegt og rjómantískt (e. easy and cream-romantic). My easy listening before getting to bed. Perfect for winding down after a long stretches of creating a mind-boggling fouling oriented master thesis. So these songs have a special place in my heart. They made the fouling all worth-while.

On a almost completely unrelated side note: Another song that remind me of my MSc thesis is an Ellie Goulding remix I forgot on repeat for several hours when I was going through the last changes of references and citations. If you have done a MSc thesis, you can probably relate on how sense of time kind of runs away from you; like how changing a song on a one-track-playlist seems not worth it, since you’re almost done anyway. Almost quickly becoming to a couple of hours. But in all fairness, in a year long process, a couple of hours is relatively negligible in the grand scheme of things.

Luckily for me, Icelanders are not as developed in tweeting as the rest of the world. So basically, little overzealous Helga got her game on. It felt like taking candy from a baby. I did post world-winning tweets, i.e.

Needless to say, I won. And some foreign guy calling himself jp3d that even shouted at my box, amazed I had seen Bloodgroup live. Well since I live in Iceland, and they’re right up my alley (both music-wise and location-wise) it would be odd if I hadn’t seen them live.

Now I just need to find out what I want the band to sign on the vinyl, and get my hand on an old fashioned record player! I think my older brother has one, that’s just collecting dust. Here’s hoping. Otherwise I’ll just need to buy one. Make my tutor money come in good use.


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  1. tungufoss says :

    In case you're interested, my demands of Bloodgroup were:* Initials on the record* Favorite lyrics (of theirs) and signature from each band memberLooking forward to my new vinyl!

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