Wake Up

Best read with a live version of Arcade Fire’s Wake Up

I’ve finally made it out of the island… all the long way to Denmark! It’s been too long. Well, ever since summer’s adventure in NYC. So yeah, way too long. I will be making up my lack of travelling by going three times abroad before the year is out. This trip to Denmark included. So stay posted for more travel-tips in the upcoming weeks.

Enough shameful advertising on how much I get to travel, and more about Denmark!

The whole reason for this trip is my beloved Tinna’s 25 year old birthday bash this upcoming Thursday. Incidentally also celebrated by many European countries, as Armistice day. I believe it’s the Remembrance day of Tinna’s birthday. She’s worth whole nations celebrating her. Thus, my voyage to Aarhus (via Copenhagen) this week.

The trip out took forever. Couldn’t sleep because of all the excitement. It has been too long since I have seen my uppáhalds sykurpúða (d. yndlings skumfidus, e. favorite marshmallows). During all the excitement, I managed to set my alarm for 4am. However not to turn it on. Luckily my darling brother woke me up at 4.15. Much to my surprise, since it is usually I who wake him up. So thank-you-thank-you-thank-you Árni. I owe you one. One. And no, you get nothing extra for driving me to the airport, just the waking-me-up bit.

Dazed and confused I got to the airport on time. There I was informed that there would be a slight change in the flight plan. There would need to be an unscheduled stop in London. Resulting in an almost 2 hour delay in Kastrup airport. More time in a very cramped airplane, less time on land. Yay! Well no harm, no foul, since there are virtually all the same shops in Aarhus and Copenhagen. The only hiccup was that Salvör was on pins and needles, since she thought I might be lost in Hovedbanegaard without a way of communication, i.e. my cell has very limited battery life. Sorry Salvör. I will never fly with unreliable IcelandExpress again. You have my word!

Currently I am lounging in Salvör’s flat, whilst she tries to finish off her paper on advanced European {insert legal sounding words here} law for tomorrow morning. I can’t help myself from wanting to know everything and anything about what has happened in my absence. It is apparent I live up to my nickname, tungufoss, to the fullest. When I am not babbling away, I keep distracting her with an abundance of fb-notifications. I just can’t help myself. I just want to talk, and talk, and talk. I seriously need to stop, and let her to her work.


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3 responses to “Wake Up”

  1. María says :

    Usss ekkert um ævintýri helgarinnar?

  2. Árni Heimir says :

    You owe me plenty

  3. tungufoss says :

    @María: Fyrsta helgin er á leiðinni… í tveimur hlutum.@Árni: Nei.

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