Best accompanied with funk soul brother Curtis Mayfield’s signature song Superfly

I’m too unfocused to go do any proper work. Although in all fairness I just found out a critical error in my coding (at least I’m crossing my fingers that it’s the cause of its suboptimal performance). So I’m more enthralled in window-shopping online than excitedly waiting for my algorithm to finish. Well I need to use my time wisely when I’m in Seattle next week. Forever 21: get ready for a shopaholic Icelander!

Taking a vacation is surprisingly tiresome. Even though this trip abroad was super relaxed, for I hardly did any touristy activities like I’m used to. Just casual hanging out with my darling friends. Whom I haven’t had a proper girls night in/out for such a long period of time. This is the trouble when best friends move far-far away. This week was very treasured. Plenty of quality time just for us. No taking into consideration other friends. If only all of our fantastic four friends could have been together again.

So I should be ready set and go for a super-productive week at the office, since I seriously need to step up my game for I’m off again for a week next Monday (and again in December). However, I find it hard to really focus solely on my studies. Usually I try to tweak my code so it runs as fast as possible. But since I completely lacking motivation right now, I have it quietly run in the background whilst I look for entries in my Birthday/Christmas wishlist.

Feather heaven from Forever 21

I just happened to come across the most gorgeous garment in the whole wide world; a glossy-black feather cape. Found one at Forever 21, for just a ridiculous small fee of $39. WANT! But unlucky Holy is confronted with this sad piece of news: “This item is currently out of stock. However, we have many styles that may also be similar so please continue shopping.” There wasn’t.

Feather heaven from ASOS

Surely there must be other chains carrying similar garments. Google gave me ASOS for a slightly higher price, $66. Again, in crimson red it says the dreaded out-of-stock. Crying on the inside. All other feathery finds are in horrible pastel. No go.

Feather heaven from Spakmannsspjarir (is)

If my internet scavenger hunt doesn’t bear fruit my worst case scenario is to go for proper Icelandic design. However that does come at a cost, 24.900 ISK. That is too much for my taste, for I know I won’t hardly ever dare to wear it in case my pretty precious gets damaged if worn.

Wish me luck hunting down my feathery love online. All help is deeply appreciated.


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5 responses to “Superfly”

  1. Árni Heimir says :

    No more Forever 21!

  2. tungufoss says :

    Not your decision I'm afraid.

  3. tungufoss says :

    Haha, er þetta ekki þinn stíll María mín? :D

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