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I’ve been between a rock and a hard place recently with respect to my blogging, in particular how much I’m disclosing with the general public, e.g. you dear reader. Personally I believe the golden age of blogging has long passed, only poor unfortunate souls like myself still continue headstrong to share our thoughts and beliefs for anyone with internet access. Completely ignorant of the fact the blog bubble has burst and now people only want to read posts in the most minuscule form, e.g. fb-statuses and 140-character long tweets.

I find posting fully fledged prose way more fun and invigorating than posting mini-posts. I find the fb too like dominated, and it’s getting a bit boring. It’s actually quite sad how people communicate now only through fb. When I meet people in real life, fb always comes up. Did you see this or that on your newsfeed etc.? Fb-posts don’t give any specific detail on what’s going on in people’s lives. It just gives a hint on what’s going on, e.g. who are going out with whom tonight etc. It’s perfect for shallow fb-stalking. To know where they have been known to attend, or going to attend. Then there is also the quintessential photo albums for all of your prying pleasure. Why people don’t generally hide their tags more often astounds me. But since they’re willing to display, who am I to judge. They want me to look! So I do; guilt-free.

Personally I’m more for tweeting these days. I would very much like to switch entirely to twitter. However, since only 2-3 friends of mine use it on a regular basis (for now), there wouldn’t be any fun feedback to keep me checking for new updates. So I’m trying to merge the two accounts, using a fb-application called smart-twitter. That way I can minimize my fb-spamming, and still be able to post all as I wish on the world wide web. Apparently I post too much on fb. That’s what’s hiding is for people!

When I think of blogging however, it’s a completely different ball game. It’s more about expressing feelings and fun stories. I also get the slight feel of accomplishment, for I’m not keen on reading novels so I can kid myself of thinking at least I’m reading short prose when I read blogs. Not that I’m a blog-hunter. I just keep to my usual three suspects: StyliceVillirós and NegiNegi.

First is my fashionista friend Tinna, from where I steal fashion inspiration. Second is my highly cultivated literature reviewer Jóna. She’s too theoretical to my taste, so I don’t frequent her site too much I’m afraid for I don’t read much, so I: 1) don’t fully grasp the content for me to grasp and 2) feel guilty for not reading enough in spare time. I mostly just check it to read over her English. That’s what friends are for.

Neginegi is more on my turf; style-wise. We are both mathematically oriented (he’s abstract and I’m applied) and we both don’t know where to draw the thin line for adding overly complicated mathematical text w.r.t. the complete lack of interest or loathing from most of our non-mathematically university trained readers. In all fairness, I’m way more mellow on the math (so quit your complaining, you could have it much worse). Our texts are randomly drawn from what’s going on in our lives. Both physically and emotionally. The posts can be both shallow and deep, but always humorous. At least I always laugh out loud why I read his posts, and I’m at trying to make a fair effort of at least cracking a smile in my readers. We are uncannily similar. Not a big surprise since we are both math geeks from the rural suburbs of Reykjavík. Thus, if you like my blog, you should check out his as well; it’s a treat. Perfect for your morning coffee (when he can be bothered to post new stuff).

Anyway, what I started off saying, I have a dilemma on what I am allowed to blog about. My best friend warned me in case my past/present/future objects of my affection would internet stalk me and find this blog. Past encounters would probably be infuriated by my writing, and worse present/future squeezes could run for the hills on the base of me being a ranting lunatic. Well, I am fairly peculiar compared to most girls, so if they can’t handle this trivial little blog, they’re not going to stay anyway, at least not for the long haul. Oh, and the past is past, so they are completely irrelevant and not worry worrying my pretty little head.

Besides, I write ridiculously long posts. Who on Earth would ever want to read through them without knowing me? Most of my readers are just my best friends anyway.

FYI: Even though my friends hardly ever post comments, my instant-messaging history or fb-wall indicate that they have indeed read what I have to offer to the world.  

I guess they read this because the know me personally, and do it partly due to duty of being my friend and the rest because the know how my mind I operates. What I mean, and what I don’t mean. Like in everything, it’s very easy to take things out of context.

If you’re not my friend, I just assume you like to read this for your own entertainment. So in a way, I can consider blogging as doing my good deed of the day… and release my need to rant. I just hope you’re not my pupil, because that might be embarrassing. I might do something about that for when Spring semester starts…

Either way, it’s fun to reminisce later on, what was important back in the day. That’s my main motivation for blogging; archival purposes. At least I don’t include an obscene amounts of smileys in my blogs anymore. How I’ve developed in the last decade. ;-)



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4 responses to “Tricky-Tricky”

  1. Gunni says :

    Thanks for those kind words, fair lady. May a whale beach your shores!I completely share your opinion of blogs and their future. It's over, man. The only "successful" blogs I know of either only link to other things on the internet, or are exclusively about cats. But still, writing mildly surreal posts about my life helps me figure out what's going on in it (when I have time – I have *no* free time this semester), so I'll keep it up.I've also run into the same issues on the blog/dating front. Both girls I've been into and my actual girlfriends have found my blogs in the past, with mixed results. I've yet to find an approach that works completely here. I'm sure lies and subterfuge do wonders.

  2. Jóna Svandís says :

    Hey, I read every single post with my google reader. But to comment i have to go to the blog itself so I don't do that everytime… live comments (stundum skammir) are more fun anyways, isn't it so?

  3. Jóna Svandís says :

    And btw I would comment more if it were easier:)

  4. tungufoss says :

    I'm not that stressed about receiving comments. I hardly ever check them out anyway. I actually prefer the live "comments", they create more fun dialog.I actually found a way out of this tricky-business, I finally cleaned my fb-privacy settings (don't worry you two are still free to wander all of my doings online). So no unwanted readers, except the ones that go through the trouble of looking via search engines, and then it's not anywhere near the top results. Now I'm actually quite glad of having a prominent whale-hunter with my exact same name.

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