Under the Sheets

Best read under Ellie Goulding’s rhythmic Under the Sheets

It should be obvious to anyone who knows me, that I’m on my way to the States next week. I’ve been holding back from window-shopping until at least after my DK-trip. Well, that time is NOW! I’ve gone through all of my usual suspects: Urban OutfittersAnthropologie, Forever 21Jonathan Adler, Zgallerie, Uncommon Goods, and last but certainly not least Victoria’s Secret.

Here are some essentials I just have to have. Or at least in the running to become Helga’s next top purchases: 

From Urban Outfitters we have a too-cute-to-be-true polka dot ruffle bedspread with matching curtains. Since I still live at my mother’s, my bedroom is my heaven. I have the most crowded and overly decorated bedroom known to man. So why not, keep it up, and add ruffles in to the mix?
Ruffled Polka Dot Bedspread and Curtains from UO

Also since I like uncommon oddities. These pillow cases have come to my attention:

Twin pillow cases from UO

I just can’t get them out of my mind. Can you? Personally I think the ‘stache and sweet dreams (far left) will be the most likely candidates for my bedroom, for the his & hers (far right) might be pushing my luck. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Then to top the bedroom makeover, I would like to get a little playful tumbled pewter mirror by New York designer, tinkerer and inventor David Dear. Sturdy webbed feet on my dresser would just make the room. A bit pricey w.r.t. size, but this whimsical mirror could be my birthday present from my grandparents.

Mirrored Little Duckling from UO

For my future home, I would like some more fake ammo around, to go with my 24kt golden lamp.  Uncommon goods has some vases in that genre I’ve been coveting for quite some time now.

Make Bouquets, Not War — ceramic vases from UG

I think I’d prefer the wall mounted ceramic gun the most. Buy three of those, for three is a magic number. Or is this too much of a good thing? I wouldn’t want the world to think I was a gun-nut. I’ve already been confronted by my priest for love of guns for crying out loud! Maybe, I’ll just get the one triple-gun vase in the middle.

If I didn’t already get the Matroyshkas measuring cups in my last US-voyage, I’d be seriously tempted to get the Enchanted Buck Measuring Cups from Anthropologie. So I’ll let the matching Matroyshkas measuring spoons suffice.

Gold-dipped reindeer to portion sugar and flour — from Anthropologie

Then there is a 100+ styles I want from VS. That will take some time to sort out that list of priorities. If VS was in Iceland, I would be seriously strapped for cash. But it’s okay once in blue moon. Like there will be next week!


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2 responses to “Under the Sheets”

  1. tungufoss says :

    Just finished the first shopping hurdle. VS down, UO to go.

  2. tungufoss says :

    Online shopping finalized. Total bedroom makeover for Christmas, both w.r.t. actual bed sheets and what’s under the sheets. VS and OU ftw!

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