Tricky Two

Best read under the subtle sounds of Röyksopp’s Tricky Two

Due to unforeseen circumstance I need to be able to lock my blog. In particular due to my previous post, Kilometer. If you think you’re in my good graces, IM-me for the password, and see for yourself. If I were you, I’d be dying to know what all this fuss is about.

This decision was under strict guidance of my life-coach Birna. I see now, that this is the only way. I need to keep up appearances concerning potential future bosses, dates, and properly most importantly future students. I need to have a sense of sophistication and elegance on what I post online.

Although most of what I post is pretty PG-13, and no need to hide from the general public in case they saw fit to give up their precious free time to read whatever drivel I had to say. I do however have had the inclination to (over-) share juicy gossip in vivid details, which I would rather not be read by aforementioned groups of people. Or better yet, by people the post are referring to, that is to say if it’s is of a negative nature or you know, a surprise birthday party, etc.

Knowing how much people disliked my previous commenting mechanism, I knew without a doubt the privacy control on blogger was not going to cut it. There I would have to manually add readers to a safe list. I’d better find a new domain to publish from that could handle specific privacy constraints w.r.t. the posts contents. Checking out my blog subscriptions, I noticed everyone except myself was on wordpress. If everybody’s on it, why ain’t I? I too should take a sip of the kool-aid. I set up an account, my username of choice was available, et voilá. A few clicks of the mouse and my old blog is imported to this fine establishment. The dashboard is actually much nicer than what I’ve been accustomed, but there are some features I miss, e.g. the possibility to tinker with the CSS-stylesheet myself (without paying extra) and most importantly adding this little line in the header section:

<script language=’JavaScript’ src=’’/&gt;

Looks like I will have to make do without a specially designed music player javascript. I really don’t want to. For half the fun of posting was finding an appropriate song to go along with the post. I might just use a simple link to hypem or youtube with what I have in the past made so elegantly fit in with the post. Besides saving time posting, this is a small price to pay for more controlled privacy.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope both you and I, will like it better here on wordpress.


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