Best read with the Mancunian band Delphic’s Doubt

I have recently realized that locking my blog has been the best decision ever. Now I’m receiving the feedback I’ve been craving for. Without having to resort to continuous hinting I was posting something on my blog… I feel a bit pathetic when I do that. Crying for attention? Yes.

It’s encouraging to hear that my post are something my friends look forward to reading. My good friend, the blogger of NegiNegi, proclaims my posts are best read over his morning coffee. Something that I couldn’t resist paraphrasing slightly and post on my fb-wall. Ah, sexual innuendos. Simple minds, simple pleasures.


Góð yfir morgunkaffinu

Helga er góð með morgunkaffinu (e. Helga is good over morning coffee)

I also have started to realize why my readers divert from posting comments. Obvious reason is shyness, or having no light to shed on the topic. Some blame my crappy commenting systems. Other feel of pretentious for posting comments in English, although most (if not all) of my readers are Icelandic speaking (too bad my Icelandic skills aren’t that top-notch). Comment in any language you see fit. Just limit them to what I know, e.g. Icelandic, English, simple Danish and/or trés-simple French. There is also another reason, that I hadn’t realized yet, and the most flattering. Namely, talking to me face-to-face (or in some cases via IM due to geographical limitations) give a totally different yet still great stories. It just a question of the right angle of the same situation. Taking my time to romanticize my experiences for a more dramatic effect on paper is one way to go. Usually they also entail more of my thought-process. However during real-time communication more ground can be covered and elaborated. Since I love talking (hence the nickname tungufoss) I am more than willing to more of this kind of mix of on- and offline processes*. I’ll stop complaining for comments as a show of support.


*The fact I’m thinking of my storytelling in an offline and online processes, and their pros and cons as a multi-objective value function to optimize is perhaps a quintessential sign I’m doing the absolute perfect research topic for my PhD dissertation.

Again, don’t be shy to express a wish to read my protected material. As long as you’re not my dad or future pupil, you’re more than welcome.


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