When Doves Cry (Prince cover)

Check out Robyn’s rendition of the artist formerly known as Prince song When Doves Cry — not exactly the most appropriate song to be enclosed with this post. However it is Prince related and fun, so it’s sufficient.

I can’t say that I particularly care for Wikileaks latest exposé, called Cablegate. I guess it’s supposed to be a pun on Watergate with respect to diplomatic cable. However, what does intrigue me is that I never knew Prince Valiant‘s middle name was Paul. Interesting. Thanks Interpol.

On that note. I find it immensely funny that one of the Icelandic news reporters on the state channel cannot pronounce his last name properly. She keeps referring to him as Mr. Ansans. Which sounds like an Icelandic curse word, similar to fuck or damn. Makes me laugh. Every time. Seems appropriate with respect to his supposed (hah!)  criminal charges.


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