Knockoff or knockout? (Knit edition)


Knockoff or knockout?, originally uploaded by tungufoss.

During my absent blogging phase I have taken up a new hobby; knitting.

First I got reacquainted (since 10th grade) with the needles by some small projects; a few of headbands. First was in simple garter stitch for Stylice’s 25th birthday. Second was in stockinette and had two cables facing each other as a part of Bernie’s Christmas present.

Now I was mentally and physically ready to start some real knitting. The project was a Gucci inspired sweater I saw in Vogue magazine a few years back, and had pasted into my inspiration book.

The design was improvised by myself, but under supervision of my mother and grandmother. I described the pattern in very non-technical terms on BurdaStyle for those who are interested.

Basically all you need is:

  • 6 skeins (í. dokkur) of Álafosslopi — 2.634 ISK
  • 10 recycled buttons from an outdated Zara winter coat — 0 ISK (due to hoarding affliction)
  • The frustration and ultimate satisfaction of having knitted your own garment — PRICELESS

… for everything else, there is Mastercard, i.e. the genuine ready made GUCCI sweater for only $1,095

After this, I finally learned by heart how the knit and purl stitches look like on the needle. Meaning, I was finally ready for seed stitch (í. perluprjón).


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