Sew Simple: Ceinture de soutien-gorge

I’ve always found the French word for bra a bit weird, soutien-gorge, literally meaning throat support. However, now I found a perfect pun for the word. During one of my many hours idling through the All Saints Spitalfields lookbook, I noticed a very punk belt accessory, not for the hips, not for the waist, but for the throat! How interesting. I wanted one.

Few weeks later after it had come to my attention I got a very tacky purse from my mom with god-awful repeating G-s. The font could as easily have been comic sans. Quelle horreur! However, it did have some shiny silver buckles on it and a pleather handle in a similar color as my favorite skull waist belt. Surely we could work something out.

The crappy bag has  laid on my floor for months now, for some reason I’ve never had time to figure it out how I would make the bag morph into a gorgeous « ceinture de soutien-gorge » (which reminds me, I have a new-found love for le langue francais… more on that later). But since I have a conference paper due next Wednesday, the equivalent for the good old cramming for exams period, I can finally  make time to figure out how to put together the pieces of my little masterpiece. Turns out to be excessively simple. It only took six super-short although mobile-assisted instructional steps in my Burdastyle blog to elaborate.  Easy-peasy.

My brother thinks it’s horrendous, and I’m just offering random men a harness to ease pushing me around downtown. Be that as it may, I think it looks super-fine. Let alone, when matched with my skull-and-bones waist belt. Trés punk indeed!

Ceinture de soutien-gorge

Ceinture de soutien-gorge


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