Sew-Simple: Divine Dress Mission

Sebastien Tellier – Divine (and the rest of the Sexuality album) will be on repeat for the next few days in order to give me the optimism/serenity needed for making anything remotely similar to GUCCI’s RTW divine knotty dress in block colors.

My next sew-simple mission is not so simple, but a two-toned twisty front-knot dress inspired by GUCCI’s spring/summer 2011 collection in gorgeous Chinese silk. This is what I’m talking about…

 Gorgeous, non? Skin is totally in for this summer, and since this is the slimmest I have been for years, I’m making the most of it. Ahh, the joy of having no more excess Erasmus weight cannot be expressed enough! Besides, flaunting my fair stomach gives WAY more attention downtown than sporting a miniskirt. My competitive spirit is finally coming forward. I guess I have my fellow PhD colleagues to thank for that. Thank you Sigrún!

Which reminds me, I need to have someone take photos of my Flaunting Fifties outfit I made earlier this summer. It’s sizzling hot. Almost too hot. At least for some male graduation guest in the party I was attending whilst wearing… or should I say not wearing, for Sigrún made several attempts of taking off the little pieces of fabric I had on. Naughty-naughty Sigrún!

I’m scouting Burda patterns to make the impossible possible. Stay tuned, and WISH ME LUCK!

Update: Found patterns. Just need to figure out the twisty-bit better. I’m crossing my fingers that mother knows best in that respect.

3-become-1: Sleeves+Twistybit+Skirt

Second update: Patterns traced and twisty-bit figured out, thanks to magic mission mock-up (in horrendous 80s turquoise blue).

Mission Mock-Up


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3 responses to “Sew-Simple: Divine Dress Mission”

  1. Sigrún Helga Lund says :

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ekkert að þakka ljúfan ;) :*

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