Sew Simple: Flaunting Fifties

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Summer is the season for showing off skin. This vintage 50s variation is truly key. Perfect for picnic in the park or dancing the night a way in a badly air-conditioned clubs. Beware of the latter though, for you will be groped by both wanted and unwanted fellow pub-patrons.

Flaunting 50sFlaunting 50s

Bustier and Long Skirt With Wide Sidepockets

I pretty much followed the BurdaStyle 05/2011 patterns 126 & 127 to the t. However there were some slight changes made due to flatchestedness. I added an extra padding by upcycling an old bra, and added silk lining to cover up the foam. Now I feel very secure and very confident that I can actually pull of wearing just a barely-there bustier in public.

Inside-OutBust-A-Move Bustier 

Bust-a-move bustier, inside and out

I think I pull this look off. And managed to go out in public in it twice with and without alcohol. If you don’t concur, than please, break it to me gently.


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One response to “Sew Simple: Flaunting Fifties”

  1. Jóna says :

    Þetta er flott… minnir pínu á þjóðbúning

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