Keep Calm Cupcakes: Lemon & Lime Drizzle Cupcakes

I went downtown this weekend, which is only newsworthy for it was during the daytime for a change. During said hipster walk downtown I went window-shopping for beautiful, yet unfortunately for my PhD-stipend budget, over priced Icelandic design so to beat of depression it was turned into an inspirational powershopping for future crafts-nights. However, to compensate for not buying a drop-dead-gorgeous feathery gilets (similar to what I was pining for last novemeber) I popped into one of my all time favorite shops in 101 Rvk; Kokka. Even though I don’t have a kitchen of my own, I do have an insane collection of quirky kitchen utensils, and this particular visit there were some more additions added to my already too large secret stash. I bought an adorable pink little butter knife in a shape of a squirrel. Koziol cuteness.  Along with it some dozen reusable silicon cupcakes molds — in orange, brown and of course hot pink — and an all color cookbook on 200 cupcakes. Thus my new new years resolution is to try out a new cupcake recipes every week, for at least 3 months (I was going to say for the entire year, but that would be unrealistic).  I’m calling my mission impossible Keep Calm Cupcakes, a name I had reserved for my sporadic dinner parties — but that mission was short lived. Once I do finally get a place of my own, I will take that up again. Until then, I’m focusing solely on deserts; hors d’ouvres and main courses can wait to a later date.

Mission Impossible: 200 cupcakes

Tonight was the night I would bake my first cupcakes. Needless to say, I wasn’t trusted to do it on my own. My brother has the greatest faith in me, so he was my sous-chef extraordinaire. However, he did have a mind of his own and did not take heed to my instructions that were by the book!

Heimir the happy little helper

The end result was a bit too sweet (since all of the sugar was but in the batter instead of some for the decoration) and a bit too disfigured. I only took a picture of the two smaller cupcakes that turned out relatively similar to the depiction in the book. The other monstrosities tasted nice, so all in all, it was a success.

Find 5 errors

It was a lesson learned to never letting someone who is greedy and doesn’t know quantitative research pour into cupcake molds, for they will put batter intended for a dozen cupcakes into only 8; mostly just in 6 molds for the 2 leftover where a last minute rescue and were in fact the only ones that came out fairly nice-looking (see above).

Next stop: Buttercream icing.


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