Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Kjölur

Last weekend I reluctantly went outside the city walls, to go camping in Flatey. I’m very glad I yielded to the peer pressure for the weekend spent in the island was superb. Save for the scorching sun that hid (in clear sight) behind the wind, resulting in a strawberry-esque appearance the following day and subsequent leathery feel on Holy the red-nosed PhD-student.

To further emphasise how much fun I had in Flatey, I’m now willingly advocating for another camping/cabin trip next weekend further West, at Drangsnes. Apparently there is some kind of pier-party with football tournament and seafood give-away, which I can’t say is in the slightest sense enticing for yours truly. Thus, meanwhile, I will be planting myself in the hot tubs located at the shoreline and trying to even out the tan lines, i.e. getting any part of my body besides my face to get a hint of nude instead of its year-round off-white.

However, I will need to stock up on proper camping gear, for Flatey was a teeny-tiny bit cold in the wee small hours of the morning, oh, and the majority of the entire Saturday. And maybe procure myself a less fluorescent wind-breaker than I borrowed from my mom. My fellow campers complained they couldn’t look directly at me due to the excessive deflection of light. At least I know in case my PhD studies don’t pan out as they should, I have a bright future in front of me as a lighthouse keeper in Flatey.

Furthermore, since I’m not a great fan of long-haul drives in the backseat, I found a perfect way to pass one’s time; knitting! So I bought a couple of skeins of Létt-lopi (e. one of the infinitely many types of Icelandic wool available) and spent the drive revising how to knit the brioche stitch. Slightly more difficult without being able to make mommy fix my little mistakes as I go along. Resulting in ripping all my hard work once I got back into civilisation.

Helga the latest lighthouse keeper at Flatey

The following day, my mother got her mind set of driving across the highland; across Kjölur. I didn’t feel like going to the office just yet so I joined in on the family fun. Besides, I needed a couple of more skeins for my knitting adventure I started in Flatey.

Árni was very keen on stopping on the way and do his “Al Pacino” pose, and mom with her obsessively awkward running-towards-one-another pose. Who am I kidding, I love these tacky poses too. I’m just futilely pretending to be hip-and-cool, which I’m blatantly not.

Highlander Dance

Needless to say, having my mother at arms length during a 10 hours drive I seized the opportunity to knit a scarf and headband in brioche stitch. With my professional knitting-fixer at my disposal the scarf was completed during the ride across the highland, ergo named Kjölur a.k.a. Route F35, and the headband was finished during the drive back on the main road, ergo named Þjóðvegurinn a.k.a. Route 1.

Route 1 (headband) and Route F35 (scarf)


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2 responses to “Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Kjölur”

  1. Árni Heimir says :

    Hvað sagði ég?!

  2. tungufoss says :

    Hahahaha, ég sé ekkert vandræðanlegt við þessar myndir.

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