Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath

Towel Turban

Towel Turban by tungufoss

Don’t you just hate it when your towel turban falls off? I do! Very much. I think it keeps repeatedly happening to me because I mainly have two standard towel sizes, meaning, either it is too big to balance its centre of gravity or it’s too small to be fitted on my larger-than-average head.

So browsing through my grandmother’s vintage 90s Burda Magazines, alas in Danish, I found the answer to my prayers: a relatively easy instructions to make a towel turban. The only difficulty was looking up technical sewing jargon in my Danish-Icelandic dictionary.

Cutting strategically out what used to be a slightly ratty beach towel, it obtained a new lease on life and a special place in my heart. Now I can wobble all I want once I get out of the tub, the turban stays perfectly in place. Meaning extra bouncy curls with minimal amounts of hair product, thanks Burda 11/91!

If you too want to tote around in a towel turban, simply follow my easy step-by-step instructions on BurdaStyle.

P.S. I think I know where I get my hoarding affliction: grandma.


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