Universal Traveller

[ISDA 2011] Your paper #1569474013 (‘Sampling Strategies for Ordinal Regression in Surrogate Assisted Evolutionary Optimization’) has been accepted

There you have it, I’m going to Spain in November. And on the university’s dime to boot! Well, at least to some extent.

Once I’ve adjusted my conference paper w.r.t. the notes I got, I just have to figure out what route to take to Córdóba, Spain. I think at least going via Madrid is a must, that way I can rendez-vous with the Spanish boys who too lived in Bâtiment D in horrific Jules Mousseron during my Erasmus stay in Valenciennes. But how to get to Madrid? That’s my new 1st world problem.

I could travel via Paris. That would undoubtedly benefit my French (which incidentally, I’m taking up again this upcoming semester) and I know an awful lot of Parisians whom I could convince to let met crash their couch in return for a bottle of Tópas. However, I intend to go to Paris next January for a week long conference, LION6, the successor to LION5 I attended in Rome earlier this year. What to do? Travel to Paris twice in a short period of time, or venture somewhere completely different?

I know, being a PhD student, is hard. The choices we have to make. Demanding work, all around.


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2 responses to “Universal Traveller”

  1. Gunnar says :

    Töff! Til hamingju!

    Ef þú ferð via Madrid, þá *verður* þú að fara á El Tigre. Úr guidebók: “What is El Tigre? The cheapest, most chaotic example of free tapas in Madrid. Buy a round of drinks and you’ll get three plates of food to go with it. ” Þetta er algjör snilld.

    Annars er ég líka á leiðinni til Cordoba á kostnað vinnunar. Bara í Argentínu. ;)

  2. tungufoss says :

    Hvað með að taka helgarferð til Parísar, tja, eða kaótískt tapas flipp í Madríd um miðbik nóvember? Getum m.a. skipulagt næstu DIV gleði ;-)

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