Keep Calm Cupcakes: Double Chocolate Trouble

I’m supposed to be logging my cooking adventures, in order to convince my and friends and immediate family that I’m not entirely a lost cause. I indeed can cook, although I’m not known for venturing far into the kitchen, at least not passed the refrigerator. So last Thursday I made not one, but two different cupcake recipes. I even managed to make a chocolate-y buttercream and master the decorating-cream-dispenser-thingamajiggy.


Serveuse de cupcake

First batch was mainly consisted of brown sugar and cocoa, topped off with a fresh raspberry. Very picturesque, however slight hint of burned chocolate.

Chocolate raspberry cupcakes

Blowing raspberries

Second batch was made out of mocha, using both bicarbonate soda and baking powder. I believe the former was the key ingredient to the perfect lift during baking. Finest fluff consistency yet! Decorated with chocolate sprinkles, which in retrospect was not ideal aesthetics wise, for chocolate-on-chocolate-on-yet-another-layer-of-chocolate did not contrast at all.

Mocha Cupcakes


Current KCC Status: 4 down, and only 8 more recipes to go!

Caught in a Cupcake


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