Keep Calm Cupcakes: Orange Mango Fusion

Baked again. This time I followed a yet another orange lemon recipe but opted for mango instead of lemons. Main reason was because my brother  bought a new juicer and there were all of these delicious pulp screaming to be baked out of! Super juicy. Job well done, that is to say once I managed to scrape the icing off.

Note to self: Never again try icing almost solely made out of pure powdered sugar. Way too sweet — in a bad way.

Orange Mango Fusion

Current KCC Status: 5 down, and only 7 more recipes to go!

P.S. Almost done knitting my Chanel inspired F/W collection 2011. Only 2 seasons too late. Just the turtleneck left.

P.P.S. My colour blocking Gucci inspiration is under way. Need to master sewing proper sleeves and make all of the bands come correctly together to the sides. So not exactly almost done, but near the finish line. Technically I could finish it before the season is out. Wish me luck!


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