Tiny Topsy Turvy Top Hat for Tao

Ever since I’ve been formally banned from a sewing-forum for supposedly posting projects made for mass-production (how did they know of my secret sweat shop in the Ivory Tower’s secret cellar?!?) I’ve been fixated on a special project. Earlier this summer a BurdaStyle’s memberposted an adorable tiny top hat! Super cute and exactly up my allay! I’ve been pining for a tiny top hat for years now, ever since I saw one taunting me on a gigantic poster in H&M that was never in stock when I am abroad in H&M wonderland. So I politely asked her to post rough instruction, and luckily for me she saw it in her heart to comply to my wish! Yay! She even went above and beyond my expectations and made a thorough step by step tutorial. I printed it out as soon as it was posted and found appropriate fabric right away. However, there was a slight snag… I had just started my silky mission impossible, the color-blocking fiasco. I would have to delay gratifying myself with my very own tiny top hat until that was finished.

However, on that note, my grandmother has been proving exceedingly difficult to work with. She has realized that I can’t say no to her due to the fact without her fierce seamstress skills I can in no way complete my dress, without it looking completely horrendous and the silk fraying beyond belief. Meaning, I’ve been running errands like the wind, for my grandmother, usually leaving minimal time for me to trick her in return to the sewing cellar (that’s what I want in my dream house btw) before it’s time to visit my grandfather at the hospital. Sigh. Well, I have just RSVP-ed to a  birthday party followed by a concert with my fantasy husband, which the color-blocking dress was initially intended.  So I have new deadline, should be able to make it. Hopefully… we‘ve only got the sleeves left.

Anyway, back to the project I’ve been feeling guilty about. Now, when I’m an unwanted BurdaStyle contender, I finally made it! I guess, it’s too little too late, but at least I made it. Here is my beloved Tao Zedong sporting his latest accessory!

Gentlemanly Tao Zedong
Gentlemanly Tao Zedong

Better late than never. Now lets just hope Burda lets me back in the game, and I can send BurdaStyle member Sally Kramer a nice thank you for the amazing tutorial. I’m definitely making another one: bigger and in Mad Hatter style for some future Halloween. Gotta love dress-up!

Tiny Top Hat

Tao's Tiny Topsy Turvy Top Hat

P.S. I will probably never grow out of having a stuffed teddy-bear guarding my bed. At least not whilst I’m still single. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong, but that’s a vicious cycle I’m willing to put up with. A girl has gotta cuddle with someone or something.


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