Dead Flowers

Once upon a time there was a headband, it was the most beautiful headband the world had ever seen.

Flowers in my hair

I love cross-stitching and I LOVE headbands. Last fall I made something truly special that combined those two loves of mine. The result was a headband that was unbelievably dear to me. It was unique and something completely different to what everybody else would be wearing. It would work with just about everything, and I would always feel extremely hipster-chic. This would be the item I would take with me when I’d go travelling. However, I should have kept it at home last Easter. Because my little bundle of joy unfortunately got lost in transit on the way from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. It’s been several months now, and I still keep looking for it in my box of headbands. It is was an essential part of my wardrobe, and now it’s gone.

I like to imagine that someone eventually found it, and passed it on to someone deserving. My fantasy of its afterlife is that of Sound of Music, only set in the Ural mountains, on a girl looking like Lara from Doctor Zhivago. I have the tendency to over-dramatize things, I know. Well, wherever it is, I hope whomever found it is happy with my little creation and they will live happily ever after.

Dear headband, if you’re reading this,  you will always have a special place in my heart. Never forget where you came from, and remember, you can always come back. There is no shame in returning back to mommie dearest. Until then, I need to learn to move on…

Find 5 faults

… or technically I could just make another (no factory made processes involved). I’m sure my grandmother is willing to lend me her precious pillow (which she too made herself way back when) which I traced the pattern (not exactly the most comfortable guideline since you can’t mark what’s been done). Now I’m more practiced in embroidery so it shouldn’t take as much time. I could rethink the color scheme better, the light purple always bothered me a little — but not as much as to not having my headband at all.

I should make another one, because think about this little love of mine much more than any of my long lost lovers. Sad but very much true.


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