Suburban War

Today war was declared in suburbia…

War is Declared in Suburbia

This may seem a bit random at first. However, a few weeks ago I came across a war frenzy in France; their weapon of choice being POST-IT. I guess who ever invented Post-Its are making a killing in Europe these days. Needless to say, I’m pro-war in this case, ergo been posting pictures of war-ridden areas on my fb-wall. My brothers have taken interest, thus presented me with a batch of post-it packets with the note “War?”. I guess this is a healthier outlet in settling out sibling rivalries than other more traditional ways.

Wartime in Lille

I must say, I’m addicted to POST-IT® WAR. It is a brilliant idea, and makes me smile. Every. Single. Time. This is what war should be about: 80s arcade game references and general fun-ness!

Déclarez la guerre à vos voisins d’open-spaces et venez poster vos trophées ! Le Post-it® vaincra !

They have even infiltrated my former favorite shopping city, Lille (see above). I just hope that this pixelated acts of war will still be engaged, for when I finally step on the mainland this upcoming November.

Until then, I will plot my attack on my very own office building, Tæknigarður.


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