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I want to take up skiing this upcoming winter. There I’ve said it. The main advocate of anti-sports has yielded to the forces of nature. I want to take up skiing. Well, technically, I want to go to ski resorts and sip on a hot cup of cocoa with huge designer sunglasses (which incidentally I already have) in a tremendously luxe and fashionable ski gear. And there we have my ulterior motive to want to explore the great outdoors. I want this particular outfit from AllSaints Spitalfields for my future skiing expeditions:

AllSaints Hydri Top & Trousers

Perhaps my reasons for this insane love of trés chic full-body outerwear is due to the fact I associate recreational winter sports with my former outdoor overall, the ultimate 1990s outerwear, the anti-fashionable “KRAFT galli” which I had hand-me-downed from my brother in my tender youth. With permanent paint stains for extra pizzazz. I literally cringe of the thought of it. Quelle horreur!

I’m setting this inspiring ensemble on my future sewing missions. No way–no how I’m paying full price (roughly 300pounds + shipping, tax and duties) for a winter tracksuit I might use twice. Unless it turns out I have ski skills to put Ingvar Stenmark to shame. But I’m fairly certain that is not the case, so I can’t justify such obscene reckless spending. Moreover, I need to learn how to use lining and work with rougher materials than endless silk.


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