Doctor Pressure

I just can’t help myself. Why can’t I just say enough is enough, no more committee duties?! I have, once again, offered my services for a yet another after school special, this time around it is the Association of Ph.D. students in Engineering — soon to be Association of Ph.D. students in Engineering AND [Exact] Sciences (í. raunvísindi) and most likely also extend to Post Docs.

What can I say for myself? I’m a striving for an immaculate CV! Lets just hope these selfless acts go appreciated in the long run. They did come in handy to procure myself my first real job, in the banking industry. Hadn’t it been for my presidential work, the human resources representative would else have passed me off due to lack of C# programming skills (an essential in answering the phone. Ha!). True story.

Arhimedes is my homeboy

These newly resurrected student association will bear the name Archimedes (í. Arkímdes), named after Greek mathematician and Engineer from Syracuse, ca. 287-212 B.C. We thought it appropriate, since this follows the well known tradition within the School of Engineering: e.g. undergraduates in Civil engineering call themselves The Nails and the graduate students [used to] call themselves The Hammer. So bearing in mind that Heron (so-called father of engineering) serves the graduate students in Engineering and Sciences, it is appropriate to call Doctoral students to his predecessor, Archimedes. Besides, it’s short and has a nice ring to it. Basic.

After formally deciding on resurrecting the association during today’s lunch break, the association is up and running. Both within the University’s intranet (Uglan) with all 59 applicable member, and on facebook. It’s currently only 22 fans away from being able to have its own proper pages’ name. Please share it amongst your friends, if not only for being applicable for a more aesthetically pleasing url.

A general meeting is scheduled to be on the Friday 9th of March. Until then, we’re hoping to get general discussions going on what should the association focus on. Besides our number one concern, namely, more money from the Departments for celebrations when one of us eventually graduates. Wish us luck!


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