Rusty Nails

Home renovations are finally coming to an end (*knock on wood*). There have been a lot of changes lately. For instance, I’ve bid adieu to my beloved wallpaper (much to my brother’s overwhelming satisfaction). It was an emotional process, but I’m slowly getting over it.

Instead I share a sort of walk-in-closet with my sibling in the next room. I got the larger side of the room, of course(!). Due to that change, I have more space in my bedroom for furniture, as well as proper space between bed and everything else; 4m² of mattress is not as easily placed as one could hope. So for a first time in ages, I have a bookcase to place my abundance of small statues and souvenirs from foreign affairs, and a small selection of books, which I intend to read sometime in the foreseeable future (wishful thinking ftw!).

Due to all these new possibilities I’ve been checking interior decorating blogs for inspiration for my overly white walls. During said search, I’ve come across many interesting setups and DIY. One of which is an interesting take on barely-there art work, made with nails! Take a look.

Borrowed from svart á hvítu (which was borrowed from mo man tai-design)

No strings attached (available from Uncommon Goods)

Alas, due to my exceptionally poor hammering skills the nails have to be meant to be exceptionally crooked, say, something on the lines of what I saw at the interior decorating blog Design Sponge:

German Flower Power

At least I see nails from a totally new prescriptive, which is good (I guess).


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