Another Pearl (Painting)

Working hard, or hardly working? These past few days have been quite busy. What’s been taking up most of my time lately? Well, let me name a few: Teaching, grading exams, preparing computational projects (emphasis on plural!), presenting at a PhD seminar, family obligations, a very poorly attended scrap-a-thon at University of Reykjavík, etc. etc. etc. However despite being such a busy bee I’m still way behind on some obligations, mostly of or related to my self-learn French class.

Today, a student of mine asked me whether my “presentation outfit” was home-sewn. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he meant my outfit was shabby, but that was a complete misunderstanding (talk about inappropriate prejudice!). So it got me thinking of how long ago I created something. I don’t remember exactly when (and last Saturday’s failed scrap extravaganza doesn’t count) or what I made last time. So after a very long and tiring day I really wanted to do something. Not just surf pinterest DIY section like a crazy person, comme habitude, and add on my to-do pile, but actually make something new. Something like I was actually pining for in my last kraftwerk-related post.

Now after going to my quasi-regular family trip to the Blue Lagoon (eczema ftw!), I found a piece of wood (these things actually happen to lie around at my house), painted it couple of coats of white (leftover paint from the home makeover), gimp-ed a figure of Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring with a slight cheat-sheet of strategic nail placement in very low resolution, printed it and attached it to my fresh white board and started hammering away! Now less than 4 hours later this is what I came up with:

Another Pearl

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer ca. 1665. This is my nailed version (a work in progress) ca. 2012.

I would probably be still at it, but I ran out of small nails.

I’m thinking about painting the string and nails in neon pink (I’m really into fluorescent colors these days thanks to pinterest). I’m even wondering about whether it wouldn’t be better to have the grey scale girl underneath (properly painted, not the depicted crappy photocopy) which would involve me having to beg my mom to do it. But that would postpone the great unveiling. Maybe it’s worth the wait. There is still time so I can continue brainstorming the next possible steps.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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