Adagio for TRON

Olivia Wilde as the magnificently EL-luminated Qourra in TRON Legacy from 2010

Again with the hacking theme. I’m starting to fall for electroluminescent wire (often abbreviated to EL wire) which is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating… a.k.a. something out of this world. In particular I’m interested in EL-tape which you can simply stick to [an appropriate type] fabric. Sounds simple right?

This fascination didn’t really spark until I came across a EL-tape extravaganza at BurdaStyle. This Californian girl Annissë has made these insanely cool TRON legacy costumes, both Quorra and Siren Gem. Seriously, I’m in awe. Just look at her! Simply stunning.

My new sewing heroine, Annissë, portraying Quorra from TRON Legacy

How on Earth did she do it?! And more importantly, can I? Let the researching begin!

Well, Annissë isn’t the only “amateur” (understatement of the century!) out there who managed mimicking Quorra. A very good attempt by Syuzi could be something I could [hypothetically] manage.

Fashioning Tech extraordinaire, Syuzi, running around as Quorra from TRON Legacy

Now, what I desperately need is a pattern. Or something to pass off as a pattern to get me going. After much googling, I found a great conceptual design of the Quorra costume by the very talented Briana Lamb.

Conceptual design by Briana Lamb

With these blueprints and some well picked out BurdaStyle patterns I might be able to replicate something passable for Halloween.

However, the fantasy doesn’t finish here. Moreover, I want to make a Daft Punk-esque helmet to go with it. For the sake of anonymity, not to mention extra cool points.

Daft Punk, the compositors of the OST, making a cameo in TRON Legacy

Technically, Quorra has her own helmet design, it’s just dull as dirt, so I’m immediately striking that out and granting myself the permission to borrow the cooler Daft Punk versions. Even going a tad overboard and making a programmable Arduino-controlled version that blinks to the rhythm of the music. Check here for Thomas Bangalter’s and here for Guy Manuel’s. However, this part of the costume is well out of my field of expertise, so its creations basically is 100% dependent whether I can convince the boys at Hakkavélin to help me out, i.e. doing most (if not all) of the hard technical work it demands.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Color me Quorra?


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