Portions for Foxes

My friend has been encouraging me to participate at my local hackerspace lately. When I’ve gone, the visits have been (to say the least) fruitless. However, during my recent trip to the States, from where I acquired a good sum of knitting/crocheting books, I was inclined to offer my services for a knit-along. The meeting wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. Basically it consisted of me (the not so experienced knitter) and 3-4 males that had either never tried casting on before or at least not since elementary school some decades ago. It was painful, yet hilarious.

Anyway, from this encounter I finally realized since these jokers could try knitting with minimal guidance, then I too could take up crocheting. My first task: a foxy scarf inspired by something I stumbled upon on pinterest.

Crocheted fox scarf

I found some leftover yarn from god only knows when was last used and armed with my 5.5mm hook and my Happy Hooker I made a fair attempt at crocheting.  My mom came to my rescue every single time I had to start a new piece from scratch (I can cast on, but that first row is just beyond my capabilities). I soon found out that I had nowhere near enough yarn to replicate the aforementioned fox inspiration. Hence, my new mission was now to make a children’s version and give it to my 6 year old niece for first of summer. I guess this qualify to be a very belated “paying it forward from all the knickknacks my aunt has given me growing up. Besides, it’s not really suited for a 26 year old wannabe-adjunct at the University of Iceland now is it?

Over the past week I has been slowly coming along. But there was a very clear message of what the f*** are you doing coming from my handcraft heroes — my 86 year old grandmother and forever 26 aunt. Apparently my crocheting skill are [quote] oafish (í. aulalegir) [/quote] and my taste in colors is obscene. It’s supposed to be a fox, and I don’t see many pink foxes running around?! Disregarding their sentiments, I soldiered on and this is what I came up with:

Foxy mannish boy

For a first attempt, I’m quite pleased with myself. Lets just hope that my 6 year old niece is not as harsh a critic as other members of my immediate family.


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