Another Pearl (Painting) vol. 2

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer ca. 1665. This is my finished nailed version from 2012.

Little less than a month ago I started a crafts project mimicking the renowned Girl with the pearl earring by Vermeer. After watching the infamous Spetters by Paul Verhoeven, I was reminded that I had still yet to finish my own Dutch masterpiece. Hence, after grading the rest of the essays in my class, I finally got around to buy 200 pieces of nails (turned out that I only needed about ~10 more, but better safe than sorry) so I could finish nailing the turban.

For a brief tutorial on how to create your own Nailed it! masterpiece then follow these words of wisdom:

Step 1: Make a connect-the-dots version of a famous painting (of your choice). I cheated and gimped a ready made pattern from mo man tai-design that I could have bought online and had shipped to Iceland. But borrowing was both faster and free. Print over several A4 sheets

Step 2: Paint a white base on a wooden plate (mine was 70x90cm), two coats should suffice. Let it dry.

Step 3: Lay the pieces of paper on the white base. Start nailing away on the indicated spots. It could help having a dummy string to make sure that the nails are properly placed (the pattern can be misleading). You’re going to need a lot of nails (they shouldn’t be much longer than the plate’s thickness). I went through ~200 nails quite quickly, and the most time consuming part was to make a second (and third) trip to the home depot for fresh batch of steel nails.

Step 4: Connect the dots with a piece of string. Preferably in color similar to the paint which is going to be used in the next step.

Step 5: Paint the string and nails in a fluorescent color, such as hot neon pink! Let it dry.

Step 6: Tear the paper away. Use pliers where needed.

Step 7: Hang up, and admire!

Here are a couple of snapshots from the creative process…

Step 6: You're tearing me apart Lisa!


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    flott hjá Helgu!

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