Stillness in the move

My summer is very non-fixed, however I’ve started planning my autumn to the t. Sometime near the end of the year I intend to graduate (*knock-on-wood*). My stipend finishes in September, hopefully not long after will I be ready to defend my little baby. It’s slowly taking proper from, but all in all I should be able to meet my absolute final deadline; December seventh (this year!).

Moreover, Iceland Airwaves announced that Dirty Projectors, one of my top played artists, are headlining this year. Hence there was no need postponing it, I’ve acquired my tickets for a mere 14,500 ISK (with my saga-club coupon). I’m a bit frustrated for having missed the early-bird special, if my googling is correct it expired only 7 days prior my procurement. Ah well, at least I got some money off for being so excessively early.

Most notably about my upcoming fall is that I’m going to attend Warsha’s (a fellow PhD student/sufferer) a three day Indian wedding in Fiji (her native country) the first weekend in October*. My mom is most definitely accompanying me. She’s ever so excited, and already bragging off to her friends even though the exact dates and particulars have not yet been finalized. Most of the wedding party will be going Iceland via Denver (overnight) via Los Angeles via Fiji (read: a really long layovers) for ca. 230K ISK. Árni Heimir however suggested that I should rather take a round-the-world flight for ca. 225K ISK (+flights to the UK). Very, very tempting.

The route I’m thinking about taking is the following:

UK → Fiji → New Zealand → Australia (and get flights within Australia from £40) → Jo’burg → UK.

Our brief trip around the world would most probably take 3-4 weeks. A time which I intend to have my PhD manuscript under review.

Round the World in 3-4 weeks

Round the World in 3-4 weeks

*FYI Iceland Airwaves was pushed back to October 31st-November 4th.

Update July 18th: Jo’burg is out (apparently it is a very dangerous city) and Hong Kong is in! Ah, LA also is in prior to the Fiji wedding. For a total of four weeks of globetrotting — mostly in Oceania.



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