On A Neck, On A Spit

I do love big statement necklaces. However, I’m a cheapskate and I’m a sucker for DIY crafts; which has lead to several Holy-creations these past few years.

Last summer I started a replica of Hring-eftir-hring necklace in FIMO. I’ve made about 3-4 flowers, I’ve still got very long to go if it’s going to resemble anything to the necklace depicted above (FYI: suggested retail price is 36.900ISK — not struggling-student friendly). Learning from my mistakes, I’m therefore thinking about taking on a slightly easier knock-off project.

Here are some examples of what I could do in a course of an evening… lets make that two…

Bigger is better

Less is more

Mixed media

Well I like all of them… however I think I’ll start with some simple wooden ones — in bright colors mind you. That way I can thread them outside whilst soaking up some of the Icelandic sun. I’ll let the sewing ones for a later date, or as the next rainy night.


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