Tricky Two

Remember my neon-love post few weeks back? Well, I’ve made my first steps in fluoroscopic living: reviving plain vanilla Oxford flats into two-toned neon extravaganza — with matching hot pink laces.

Two-toned Oxford flats #DIY

It only takes a mere 5ml Depend’s #161 nail polish, available at your local pharmacy, and some plain Oxford looking flats. I got mine for a bargain on sale at Top Shop earlier this summer.

I masked the contours of the shoe with clear tape (with minimum adhesive so it wouldn’t tear up the fake suede when I’d finally take it off). Then I filled in the blank with my mini nail-brush. The ‘hard labor’ only took a few minutes, however some extra time was needed for the nail polish to set, in order to get more out of the bottle.

Tip: If you’re running seriously low on nail polish, with very little left to paint — you can eke out more out of your nail polish by adding a small drop of nail polish remover; that releases the polish from the sides of bottle. There will be a slight color disfiguration, however in small amounts it’s barely noticeable.


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